About us

GoXplr is on a mission to create the ultimate travel blog and tool. We post expertly written blogs and have an evergrowing map of the best places to explore. Our goal is to help people explore better and explore more!

Our story

The original prototype of GoXplr was launched in fall of 2021 and it was a very simple community-built map where anyone could upload any place. The community map started to become a popular tool and within a few months hundreds of people had contributed. It began to grow quickly, but problems started to occur. This prototype was called Whereaboutss.com.

The platform was completely redesigned and re-launched in the spring of 2022. Along with the map, a blog was set up to provide expert travel recommendations. The map and blog continue to grow today and receive tens of thousands of visits per month!

Our founder

Tom is the founder of GoXplr. The website was launched in March of 2021, but his love for exploring and taking photos goes way back. Tom first picked up a camera when he was about 5 years old. His first camera was the Powershot A430 which he began using non-stop after his dad purchased it. Tom would bring the camera on every trip he went on growing up and loved printing out the photos and organizing them in notebooks.

Fast-forward about two decades and Tom took his love for photography and exploring into the modern era. He created a few photography communities on Instagram under the name @newengland_igers with others including @maine_igers, @vermont_igers, etc. and began sharing photos daily. The accounts were started in 2016 when Tom was a freshman in college and by the time he graduate in 2020, the accounts had nearly 500,000 followers, millions of hashtags usages, and tens of thousands of daily likes. Tom knew he was on to something and that other people shared his love for exploring and taking photos.

When the pandemic started in 2020, Tom began to do more local traveling because airlines and other forms of transit were closed. It was during this time that he noticed how antiquated, confusing, and uncomplete many “travel” platforms were. He sought out to build the ultimate travel map that would have all the best places to explore. GoXplr quickly expanded to have a blog and also social capabilities to allows other to join in on the fun. All built with love by Tom.

"There is a whole lot to see, when you know where to look"

Contact us

Feel free to email tom @ goxplr.com with any questions, comments, or concerns. Additionally, you can fill up the form below.