22 Best Coffee Roasters In New Hampshire

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New Hampshire, known for its stunning landscapes and charming towns, is also home to a vibrant coffee culture that extends beyond your typical coffee chain. If you’re a coffee aficionado or just someone in search of a delightful caffeine fix, you’re in for a treat. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a caffeinated journey through the Granite State, highlighting the 22 Best Coffee Roasters in New Hampshire. These roasters, scattered throughout the state, offer a diverse range of coffee experiences, from cozy cafes where you can savor your brew to the convenience of having freshly roasted beans shipped to your doorstep. Join us as we explore the rich world of New Hampshire’s coffee scene, one cup at a time.

Mad River Coffee House – Campton

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Nestled in the picturesque town of Campton, Mad River Coffee House is more than just a coffee spot; it’s a community hub where adventures begin over a freshly roasted cup of coffee. Known as the “Best Cup of Coffee North of Concord,” this cozy establishment offers a warm, inviting atmosphere where locals and visitors alike gather. Whether it’s their legendary bagel sandwiches, a hearty breakfast, or just a quick lunch, everything is prepared with a personal touch. Mad River Coffee House stands out for its unique blend of quality coffee, scratch-baked goods, and a welcoming space where ideas and collaborations bloom.

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Frontside Coffee Roasters – North Conway

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Frontside Coffee Roasters, located in the heart of North Conway, is a must-visit destination for coffee lovers exploring the Mount Washington Valley. Renowned for their fresh roasted coffees, Frontside offers a range of single-origin offerings and blends that cater to diverse palates. This coffee haven is not just about quality brews; it’s about creating an experience that resonates with every visitor. From classic blends to unique single-origin coffees, Frontside Coffee Roasters commits to delivering exceptional quality, making it a staple in the local coffee scene.

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Union Coffee Company – Milford

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Union Coffee Company in Milford stands as a testament to the power of community and exceptional coffee. This café and roaster is deeply rooted in the local community, providing a space that transcends the traditional coffee shop experience. Union Coffee Company is renowned for its variety of single-origin coffees and blends, each telling a story of its origin. The café itself serves as a versatile space, doubling as a remote office, yoga studio, and art gallery, truly embodying a multifaceted community hub. For those seeking a blend of culture and quality coffee, Union Coffee Company is the perfect destination.

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Prime Roast Coffee Company – Keene

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Prime Roast Coffee Company, established in 1993 in Keene, New Hampshire, epitomizes the fusion of quality coffee and community spirit. Roasting in their historic Brick House Roastery, they bring a positively memorable coffee experience to your doorstep. At Prime Roast, it’s not just about serving coffee; it’s about creating a community around it. Their commitment to fair trade and organic coffee connects them to a global network of farmers, emphasizing sustainability and ethical practices. Whether you’re in their downtown café enjoying a cup alongside a delicious baked good or ordering their freshly roasted beans online, Prime Roast Coffee Company offers an authentic taste of Keene’s vibrant coffee culture.

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Cafe Monte Alto – Plymouth

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Cafe Monte Alto in Plymouth, NH, is a testament to the pursuit of great coffee. As the founders of this unique café, their commitment to offering only the finest coffees at a fair price is evident in every cup. Cafe Monte Alto stands out for its dedication to environmentally friendly practices and its 100% shade-grown Arabica, 100% fair trade coffee. This commitment extends to their environmental and community efforts, ensuring that each cup not only tastes good but also contributes positively to the world. Cafe Monte Alto is more than just a coffee shop; it’s a place where passion for quality and sustainability comes together to create a truly elevating coffee experience.

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Blue Harbor Coffee Co. – Hampton

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Blue Harbor Coffee Co., nestled in Hampton, New Hampshire, is a haven for coffee enthusiasts who appreciate small-batch, artisan-roasted beans. They take pride in sourcing fair trade coffee beans from around the equatorial belt, ensuring the highest quality in every season. At Blue Harbor, the roasting process is tailored to bring out the best in each bean, whether it’s their signature low-acid dark roast or the ultra-smooth, Swiss Water Process decaffeinated beans. The café offers a glimpse into their meticulous roasting process and a warm atmosphere for enjoying a fresh brew. Blue Harbor Coffee Co. is more than just a coffee shop; it’s a journey into the art and science of coffee roasting.

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Revelstoke Coffee – Concord

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Revelstoke Coffee in Concord, NH, presents a unique blend of modern coffee culture and traditional brewing techniques. Located at 100 North Main Street, this coffee haven is a popular spot among locals and visitors alike. Their commitment to quality is evident in their carefully selected coffee beans, offering an array of choices like Roadtrip, Guatemala Union Cantinil, and Colombia El Maco. Revelstoke Coffee is not just a place to grab a quick cup; it’s a destination where the community comes together to savor the art of coffee brewing. With its welcoming atmosphere and dedication to excellent coffee, Revelstoke Coffee stands as a landmark in Concord’s vibrant coffee scene.

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Farmhouse Roasters – Salem

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Farmhouse Roasters in Salem, NH, embodies the essence of a classic New England coffee experience. With a focus on small-batch roasting, they ensure each cup of coffee is as fresh as it is flavorful. The roastery prides itself on its artisan approach, carefully selecting beans for their unique characteristics and roasting them to perfection. Farmhouse Roasters is more than just a coffee shop; it’s a place where the tradition of great coffee is preserved and celebrated. Their dedication to quality and community makes them a cherished part of the Salem coffee landscape.

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Lucas Roasting Co. – Wolfeboro

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Lucas Roasting Co., located in Wolfeboro, NH, stands out for its commitment to delivering exceptional gourmet coffees. They offer a wide selection of single-origin and gourmet blends, sourced from the finest coffee-growing regions worldwide. Their subscription delivery service is a testament to their dedication to convenience and quality, ensuring coffee lovers can enjoy their favorite blends without any hassle. Lucas Roasting Co. is more than just a roastery; it’s a brand that represents a passion for quality coffee and a commitment to customer satisfaction. With their meticulous approach to roasting and a diverse range of offerings, Lucas Roasting Co. is a gem in Wolfeboro’s coffee culture.

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Breaking New Grounds – Durham

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Breaking New Grounds in Durham, while not directly accessible through a conventional website, has made a mark in the coffee community through its social media presence on Instagram. Known for its dynamic atmosphere and a strong focus on quality, this coffee shop has become a staple for locals and students in Durham. Their Instagram feed (@bng.durham) showcases their commitment to crafting excellent coffee and providing a welcoming space for all who visit. The popularity of Breaking New Grounds stems not only from their exceptional coffee but also from their ability to create a sense of community and connection among coffee lovers.

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Flight Coffee Company – Bedford

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Flight Coffee Company, located in Bedford, lives by the motto “Coffee For The People.” This ethos is reflected in their dedication to creating meaningful connections in the community and across the globe. As a woman-owned and founded business, they bring a unique perspective to the coffee industry. Flight Coffee Company is celebrated for its nationally acclaimed and locally loved specialty coffee experiences. They offer an array of single-origin coffees, espressos, blends, and teas, ensuring that every customer finds their perfect cup. Their commitment to joyfully creating memorable coffee experiences has made them a beloved fixture in the Bedford coffee scene.

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Wayfarer Coffee Roasters – Laconia

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Wayfarer Coffee Roasters in Laconia is a testament to the power of coffee and community in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Founded by a passionate team including Karen Bassett (CEO), Reuben Bassett, and Ben Bullerwell, Wayfarer is more than just a coffee shop; it’s a hub where the community gathers. They offer an incredible selection of coffees like Marcelo Assis from Brazil, Ulya Waghi Valley from Papua New Guinea, and Ella from a woman-owned farm in Guatemala. Their focus on quality and community connection, coupled with the founders’ passion, makes Wayfarer Coffee Roasters a unique and cherished destination in Laconia.

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Rare Breed Coffee – Manchester

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Rare Breed Coffee in Manchester is a haven for those who crave audacious and freshly roasted coffee beans. Their approach to coffee is unapologetically bold, offering a range of unique flavors and rich aromas that challenge the conventional. With blends like Sweater Monster and Smash Pop, they cater to a diverse palate, offering everything from creamy vanilla notes to fruity sweetness and dark richness. Rare Breed Coffee’s commitment to roasting with precision and purpose is evident in every cup, making them a standout in the Manchester coffee scene. They are more than just a coffee roaster; they are a destination for anyone who gives a “sh*t” about truly exceptional coffee.

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The Coffee Factory – Derry

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The Coffee Factory in Derry offers a unique coffee experience to its patrons, blending the finesse of fresh coffee with the warmth of a community hub. Roasting their beans on site, they ensure that each cup served is of the highest quality and freshness. Not just limited to excellent coffee, their menu also includes a variety of fresh food items, making it a perfect spot for a wholesome breakfast or a leisurely lunch. Located in Hood Commons Plaza, The Coffee Factory has become a local favorite, known for its inviting atmosphere where visitors can relax and become part of the family.

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Port City Coffee Roasters – Portsmouth

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Port City Coffee Roasters, established in 1992, has been a cornerstone in the Portsmouth, NH coffee scene for over 25 years. Renowned for its commitment to quality, the roastery sources sustainably from regions around the world, ensuring each cup of coffee is distinct and memorable. Their popular blends, such as ‘Capone’ and ‘Bali Blue Moon,’ are testaments to their expertise in roasting and blending. More than just a coffee shop, Port City is a gathering place where customers can enjoy not only a great cup of coffee and tasty bites but also engaging conversations with the friendly staff. Their wholesale partnerships extend their reach, allowing coffee enthusiasts everywhere to savor the unique flavors of Port City Coffee. This dedication to excellence and community involvement has made Port City Coffee Roasters a beloved and trusted coffee destination in Portsmouth.

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New Hampshire Coffee Roasting Co. – Dover

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New Hampshire Coffee Roasting Co., nestled in Dover, NH, is a small batch specialty roaster that takes pride in its 100% Arabica coffees sourced from across the globe. Their dedication to quality is evident in their selection of beans, like the Costa Rica Alma Negra, known for its rich fruit flavors and the smoothness typical of Costa Rican coffee. They also offer unique varieties like the coffee from El Salvador’s Finca La Esperanza, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. With options like Italian Roast Cans and Peppermint Bark flavored coffee, New Hampshire Coffee Roasting Co. caters to a diverse range of palates, ensuring every cup is a delightful experience. Their approach combines tradition with innovation, making them a standout in the Dover coffee scene and a must-visit for any coffee enthusiast.

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King David Coffee Roasters – Nashua

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King David Coffee Roasters in Nashua, NH, is a family-owned establishment celebrated for its hand-roasted, small-batch coffee. Since 2000, their roast master has been dedicated to roasting specialty coffee beans, focusing on the top 6% of the coffee crop. They use a traditional style drum roaster, ensuring each batch, whether 1 or 30 pounds, receives the same level of care and attention. Their commitment to quality is evident in their wide range of offerings, from Colombia Decaf to Ethiopian Harrar, each with unique tasting notes and flavors. King David Coffee Ro asters also offers a variety of gift boxes and sampler packs, making it easy for customers to explore their diverse selection. Their passion for coffee is matched only by their commitment to providing a superior coffee experience, making King David Coffee Roasters a distinguished name in Nashua’s coffee scene.

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Hometown Coffee Roasters – Manchester

Photo from Hometown Coffee Roasters via Facebook

Hometown Coffee Roasters, based in Manchester, NH, exemplifies the art of small-batch coffee roasting. With each batch handcrafted in their Manchester facility, they emphasize quality and consistency, ensuring a superior coffee experience. Their selection ranges from beloved blends like the Hometown Blend to unique single origins, catering to a variety of tastes and preferences. The roastery also offers sample packs, allowing customers to explore and savor different flavors. Hometown Coffee Roasters is more than just a coffee shop; it’s a local institution where the community gathers to enjoy meticulously roasted coffee. Their commitment to small -batch excellence and a deep connection with the local community makes them a standout in Manchester’s vibrant coffee scene. Their roastery and coffee bar on Old Granite Street is not just a place to grab a cup of coffee; it’s a destination where coffee lovers can feel the passion and dedication poured into every roast.

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Terra Nova Coffee Roasters – Keene

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Terra Nova Coffee Roasters in Keene, New Hampshire, stands out as a family-owned establishment that specializes in small-batch, organic coffee roasting. Founded in 2005 in a red barn on an organic farm, Terra Nova has grown into a custom brick and mortar roastery and espresso bar downtown, and expanded in 2020 to include a full-service cafe, retail shop, and music venue. Their commitment to offering 100% organic, ethically sourced coffee is unwavering.

Customers can enjoy a range of meticulously selected coffees, like the cozy and comforting Fireside blend or the limited-time Congo brew with notes of green apple, cashew, and molasses. Terra Nova’s passion for quality and community is evident in their dedication to creating an exceptional cafe experience. Their unique offerings, like Big Dipper and Moonlight Decaf, are roasted on-site and have garnered praise for their richness and consistency. Terra Nova Coffee Roasters is not just a coffee shop; it’s a destination for those seeking a high-quality, organic coffee experience in Keene.

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Parker And Sons Coffee Roasting – Peterborough

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Parker And Sons Coffee Roasting, located in Peterborough, New Hampshire, represents a commitment to the art of coffee roasting and community involvement. While their website provides limited information, their presence on social media and in the local community speaks volumes about their dedication to quality and freshness. Known for their expertly roasted beans and a warm, welcoming cafe atmosphere, Parker And Sons is more than just a coffee roaster; they are a local treasure where customers can enjoy a true coffee experience. The emphasis on “Shop Local” reflects their dedication to supporting the community and offering a unique, artisanal coffee experience. Whether you’re a regular or a first-time visitor, Parker And Sons provides a cozy space to savor a cup of meticulously crafted coffee, making it a must-visit destination for coffee lovers in Peterborough. Their commitment to freshness and quality, combined with their community-focused approach, makes Parker And Sons Coffee Roasting a standout in New Hampshire’s vibrant coffee scene.

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Odysea Coffee Roasters – Bristol

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Odysea Coffee Roasters in Bristol, New Hampshire, offers a unique coffee experience, specializing in small batch roasted, craft coffees with distinct profiles, directly sourced from Honduras. Their commitment to sustainability and quality is evident in their selection of beans, such as the El Cedral, Montecillos, and Bala’m, each with its unique taste profile. Odysea Coffee’s limited edition varieties, like El Paraíso, showcase their dedication to offering exclusive and environmentally friendly coffee options. They also provide a unique opportunity for coffee enthusiasts to travel to the origin and meet the dedicated farmers, offering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the coffee journey from farm to cup. This immersive experience reflects Odysea’s philosophy of connecting customers with the story behind each bean, from cultivation to processing, and ultimately to the roastery. Odysea Coffee is more than just a roaster; it’s an invitation to explore the rich culture and landscapes that surround coffee production, making each cup an odyssey of its own.

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La Mulita Coffee – Rye

La Mulita Coffee – Rye

Located in Rye, New Hampshire, La Mulita Coffee is a specialty coffee bar and roastery that prides itself on offering 100% Colombian Coffees. This roastery stands out for its focus on showcasing the unique flavors and distinct characteristics of coffee from each of the five regions in Colombia. At La Mulita Coffee, customers can experience the incredible world of Colombian coffee through their curated selections, such as the Finca El Corozal – Natural Process. This particular coffee, produced by the 4th generation Carvajal family, is Rainforest Certified and embodies the farm’s commitment to environmentally friendly practices. Cupping notes of blackberry, melon, and dark chocolate make it a standout. La Mulita Coffee’s dedication to highlighting the diverse profiles of Colombian coffees in a state known for its scenic beauty creates a perfect blend of global coffee culture and local charm. Their coffee bar and roastery on Sagamore Rd is not just a place to enjoy a cup of coffee; it’s an invitation to embark on a flavorful journey through Colombia’s rich coffee heritage.

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As we conclude our journey through the 22 best coffee roasters in New Hampshire, it’s evident that the state’s coffee culture is as diverse as its landscapes. From the cozy nooks of Milford to the vibrant streets of Durham, these roasters have made their mark by delivering exceptional coffee and fostering a sense of community. Whether you prefer a dark roast, a light roast, or something in between, New Hampshire’s coffee scene has something for every coffee enthusiast. So, next time you find yourself in the Granite State, make sure to explore these coffee gems, savor their unique flavors, and immerse yourself in the warm embrace of their cafes. Your caffeine-fueled adventure awaits!

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