10 Best Places To See Tulips In Boston, Massachusetts

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When spring rolls around in Boston, many exciting things happen. The Red Sox start playing again and hopefully, the Bruins and Celtics are in the playoffs. Additionally, there are wonderful flowers to view all over the city. Some of the local favorites are tulips! All different colors of tulips can be found all around the city. Many people know of the iconic tulips at the Boston Public Garden and Copley Square. But there are numerous great spots all around Beantown. Learn more about the best tulip displays in Boston, Massachusetts in this blog post.

1. James Hayes Park

James Hayes Park in the South End of Boston, Massachusetts featuring hundreds of red roses

Location Address: 158 Warren Ave, Boston, Massachusetts
Location Directions: HERE

James Hayer Park is a lovely little park located at the corner of Warren Avenue and West Canton Street in Boston’s South End. It is a quiet park with just a few benches and a couple flower beds. Friends of Hayes Park, an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, goes all in when spring comes around. Hundreds of tulips are planted at the main circular flower bed at James Hayes Park. The flowers typically can be seen in peak conditions in late April and early May.

2. Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park

Location Address: 100 Atlantic Ave, Boston, Massachusetts
Location Directions: HERE

The Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park near Boston’s north end is a wonderful location to visit for any flower lover. During the spring, there are lovely displays of daffodils and cherry blossom trees at the waterfront park. Additionally, there are beautiful flower beds full of hundreds of tulips. There are often several different colors planted at the park and they are all so wonderful to see. If you’re looking to really get into the spring spirit and admire great flowers blooming, Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park should be at the top of your list!

3. Copley Square

Copley Square tulips in Boston, Massachusetts

Location Address: 560 Boylston St, Boston, Massachusetts
Location Directions: HERE

Copley Square is home to some of the greatest tulip displays in the city. There are several plots around the park dedicated to growing tulips. One of the largest tulip displays at the park can be seen along Dartmouth Street, right in front of Bates Hall at the Boston Public Library. All different colors of tulips can be seen on display at Copley Square and they often bloom from mid-May to mid-April.

4. Boston Public Garden

Boston Public Garden tulips in Boston, Massachusetts

Location Address: Charles St, Boston, Massachusetts
Location Directions: HERE

The Boston Public Garden needs no introduction. It is located right in the heart of the city and was the first public botanical garden established in America. The park offers a wonderful lagoon, plenty of benches, nice walking trails, and much more. During the spring months of April and May, there are many different plots in the park dedicated to tulips. Flower beds all around the George Washington Statue at the Boston Public Garden display tulips during the spring. This is one of the quintessential Boston springtime photo spots.

5. Northeastern University

Location Address: 360 Huntington Ave, Boston, Massachusetts
Location Directions: HERE

During the spring, college students are often just finishing their semesters and this means mid-terms and research papers. Ultimately, not always a merry time. But, to make students’ spring days a little brighter, Northeastern University’s landscape team plants tens of thousands of tulips around campus. Large displays of tulips can be seen in front of the Behrakis Health Sciences Center, the Forsyth Building, and a few others.

6. Beacon Hill

Location Address: Varies
Location Directions: HERE

Beacon Hill is known to embrace each of the different seasons of New England. During the springtime, many of the window boxes in the neighborhood are expertly crafted. Oftentimes, many of these window boxes can be seen with lovely tulips on display. If you find yourself in the area, be sure to also check out the iconic wisteria display at Louisburg Square.

7. North Square Park

Location Address: North Square &, Moon St, Boston, Massachusetts
Location Directions: HERE

North Square Park is a small triangular park located in the North End. The park sits at the intersection of Moon, Prince, North, Garden Court, and Sun Court Streets. It is just steps from the home of Paul Revere. There are wonderful benches, statues, and a few small garden beds. During the spring, tulips are often planted in the beds and can be seen blooming during early May. Grab a slice of pizza and head to the park to enjoy the spring vibes.

8. Rouvalis Flowers

Location Address: 40 West Cedar St, Boston, Massachusetts
Location Directions: HERE

Rouvalis Flowers in Beacon Hill is revered as the greatest flower shop in all of Boston. The shop offers spectacular floral arrangements along with great houseplants, outdoor plants, and orchids. They source flowers locally and globally. During the spring months, many of the houses in the surrounding area have Rouvalis complete their springtime window box displays. Additionally, the shop often displays a bunch of wonderful tulips for sale. Stop by the store to check out the spring flowers on display!

9. Rose Kennedy Greenway

Location Address: Atlantic Ave, Boston, Massachusetts
Location Directions: HERE

Millions of people, including locals and tourists, to the Rose Kennedy Greenway each year. It is a modern public park in the heart of Boston that is perfect for relaxing, unwinding, and exploring. It spans just about one mile long and features landscaped gardens, promenades, plazas, fountains, and art. The 17-acre park first opened to the public in 2008. During the spring season, many different flowers can be seen blooming at the park. There are cherry blossom trees, daffodils, and tulips.

10. Marlborough Street in Back Bay

Marlborough Street in Back Bay tulips in Boston, Massachusetts

Location Address: Varies
Location Directions: HERE

The brownstone homes in Back Bay are known for featuring some of the greatest flower displays in Boston. Many of the homeowners embrace the seasons changing and some go all out for tulips during the spring. Many homes along the iconic Marlborough Street and Commonwealth Avenue have wonderful front gardens full of tulips.


In conclusion, Boston is a city that boasts a wide variety of tulip blooms in the springtime, offering numerous options for visitors and locals alike to experience the beauty of these colorful flowers. With the list of places we’ve provided, you now have several options to admire these stunning tulip blooms. Whether you’re a photographer, nature lover, or just looking for a relaxing walk, these spots offer great opportunities to witness the majesty of tulips and create lasting memories. So, grab your camera, head out to these locations, and immerse yourself in the vibrant beauty of tulips in Boston, Massachusetts.

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