Lighthouses in Connecticut

Connecticut's shores are adorned with a rich maritime history, and standing as iconic sentinels along its coastline are the state's historic lighthouses. With a history dating back centuries, these structures not only illuminate the waters but also narrate tales of maritime trade and navigation. The granddaddy of them all, New London Harbor Light, proudly holds the title of Connecticut's oldest lighthouse, with its beacon first shining in 1761. Today, the state boasts a collection of several lighthouses, each with its unique charm and significance. Many of these maritime beacons are safeguarded on public land, a testament to Connecticut's commitment to preserving its nautical heritage. While some are privately owned, the majority welcome visitors to explore their historic grounds and offer tours throughout the year. Enthusiasts and adventurers alike partake in the Lighthouse Challenge—an endeavor to photograph all the coastal beacons, each one telling a story of seafaring legacy and maritime romance. With several of these structures listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Connecticut's lighthouses stand not only as functional navigational aids but also as cherished landmarks that connect the present to the storied maritime past.

Map of every lighthouse in Connecticut

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