Waterfalls in New Hampshire

Discover the enchanting waterfalls that adorn the picturesque landscapes of New Hampshire. Scattered throughout the state, these cascading wonders showcase a myriad of shapes and sizes, each contributing to the natural beauty of the region. Towering majestically along Beaver Brook, the Beaver Brook Cascades drop over an impressive 1,000 feet, epitomizing the awe-inspiring grandeur of New Hampshire's waterfalls. For those seeking the tallest single-drop waterfall, Arethusa Falls presents a breathtaking spectacle as it gracefully descends about 160 feet in a horsetail formation—a sight that ranks among the most captivating in the entire state.

Other notable waterfalls include Crystal Cascade in Pinkham's Grant, Jackson Falls in Jackson, and Chesterfield Gorge, each offering a unique charm and serene atmosphere. For those who prefer the convenience of roadside attractions, Silver Cascade and Flume Cascade stand as magnificent options, with both boasting impressive drops spanning hundreds of feet. Beaver Brook Falls, an 80-foot marvel with a graceful horsetail formation, adds to the list of accessible roadside gems.

Many of these waterfalls feature inviting swimming holes, providing an ideal escape for cooling off during hot summer days. Whether easily accessible or requiring a more challenging hike, New Hampshire's waterfalls beckon explorers to witness their beauty in every season—tranquil winter landscapes, vibrant spring flows, refreshing summer retreats, and foliage-framed vistas in the fall. Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing allure of New Hampshire's waterfall wonders.

Map of every waterfall in New Hampshire

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