Waterfalls in Vermont

Vermont, with its picturesque landscapes, boasts a diverse array of waterfalls scattered throughout the state, each with its unique charm. Among these cascading wonders, Moss Glen Falls in Stowe reigns supreme, standing as the tallest waterfall in Vermont, plunging over 130 feet along Burt Hollow Brook. This natural spectacle captivates both locals and visitors alike, drawing photographers to its base to capture the mesmerizing plunge, horsetail, and fan formations in long-exposure images.

Venture beyond Moss Glen Falls, and Vermont continues to offer a bounty of impressive waterfalls. Standing at 125 feet, Thundering Brook Falls in Killington, Lye Brook Falls in Manchester, and Hamilton Falls in Jamaica are among the state's other majestic wonders. Some waterfalls, like Granville Falls and Warren Falls, even grace the sides of scenic Route 100, requiring only a short detour for a refreshing sight.

Vermont's waterfalls cater to all preferences, featuring serene swimming holes to cool off on hot summer days. Accessible falls dot the landscape, while others reward intrepid hikers with hidden treasures. Regardless of the season, be it the tranquil winter months, the peak flow of spring, the refreshing summer days, or the vibrant foliage of fall, Vermont's waterfalls promise a captivating and ever-changing spectacle.

Map of every waterfall in Vermont

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