Church Street Marketplace Christmas Tree

Church Street Marketplace Christmas Tree in Burlington, Vermont
Photo from Instagram by: @mitchberri

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Learn more about the beautiful Church Street Marketplace Christmas Tree in Burlington, Vermont!
Address: Church St, Burlington, VT 05401

If you’re searching for the greatest Christmas tree in the state of Vermont, it is hard to top the Church Street Marketplace Christmas Tree in Burlington. The marketplace is a popular destination year-round due to its amazing shopping and dining. But if you visit in December, you will be in awe of the massive tree located right in front of the First Unitarian Universalist Society Church at the north end of the marketplace.

Church Street Marketplace Christmas Tree in Burlington, Vermont
Photo from Instagram by: @mitchberri

The Church Street Marketplace Christmas Tree stands front and center in Downtown Burlington. Each year, the tree in the marketplace is different, but it typically ranges from 30-40 feet tall and is nearly always a Colorado blue spruce. The City of Burlington’s Marketplace Department organizes the tree display and they seek a donor for the tree yearly. Property owners in the Greater Burlington area can offer to donate their tree to be glorified as the Church Street Tree. When someone’s tree is chosen, the city pays for it to be professionally removed and transported to Church Street. Additionally, the stump is removed at no cost to the tree owners. Typically, it is a win-win situation for homeowners who need a tree gone and the city who desires a wonderful tree to put on display.

Church Street Marketplace Christmas Tree in Burlington, Vermont
Church Street Tree ’08” by found_drama is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Once the chosen Colorado blue spruce arrives in Burlington, it is time to decorate. The massive tree is covered in hundreds of multi-colored Christmas lights and topped with a bright yellow star. The city doesn’t stop there though. Over 250,000 lights are used throughout the marketplace to illuminate each and every tree. Seeing all of the trees lit up at once is unlike anything else you’ll see in New England. Additionally, every shop and restaurant displays stunning Christmas decorations. A walk through the marketplace in December will get anyone in the holiday spirit!

Church Street Marketplace Christmas Tree in Burlington, Vermont
“Head of Church Street HD” by Mfwills is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

The official Church Street Marketplace Tree lighting event occurs each year on the Friday after Thanksgiving at 5:30 pm. The event begins with caroling and a visit from Santa. The tree officially lights up at 6 pm. Thousands of people enjoy watching the tree lighting and getting shopping done after.

The Church Street Marketplace is truly a wonderful place to visit during the holiday season. All December long the street is full of holiday cheer. Along with the beautiful decorations that can be seen all throughout the marketplace, there are also plenty of shop sales, visit from Santa, caroling events, children’s games, and more!

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