GoXplr is on a mission to create a positive social media platform that empowers all people to share, connect, and explore better. In addition, use business to protect the planet that we all love exploring.

Tom Riley Founder of GoXplr

About the Founder

Tom Riley has a passion for entrepreneurship and photography which led him to create GoXplr.com. In 2016, Tom launched the @newengland_igers Instagram community to help connect photographers all around New England. The community has since grown to over 500,000+ followers and the accounts receive thousands of likes every day. To capitalize on the success of the Instagram communities, Tom envisioned a brand new platform built for photographers and people who love traveling.

In 2022, Tom began working on a platform that would perfectly serve himself and his fellow photographers/travelers. In March of 2023, GoXplr.com was officially launched. GoXplr.com has a social feed that allows people to view photos, share photos, and connect with others. The GoXplr Map features over 1,000 locations and can be easily searched. The GoXplr Blog features dozens of inspirational blogs.


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