Tom Riley

Tom was born and raised in New England and loves exploring all around the Northeast. From the mountains of New Hampshire to the waterfalls of Vermont, rugged coast of Maine, and white sand beaches of Cape Cod – Tom loves seeing what each state around him has to offer. Tom’s favorite quote is by Seneca and it reads, “It is not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it.” He believes everyday should be spent living life to the fullest!

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What gear do you to take photos and videos?

I use a number of different devices to capture my photos. I use an Iphone 14, Mavic Mini Pro 3 drone, and a Canon EOS RP.

What is your favorite part about exploring?

I love being out in nature. One of my favorite types of places to explore is waterfall. Seeing the waterfall is always a lot of fun, but so is the journey. There is nothing like being out on a nice trail and escaping the craziness of everyday life.

What are three of your favorite places to explore?

I am based in Massachusetts. Three of my favorite places to explore are Skaket Beach, Chatham Lighthouse, and Bash Bish Falls.

What are three of your bucketlist locations?

Three places I plan to visit in the future are Iceland, England, and Canada!