10 Beautiful Maine Waterfalls To Visit This Fall

Maine Waterfall

Visiting Maine in the fall is always a joy. The seemingly endless wilderness of Maine really shines when the leaves change colors. One great thing about Maine is the many beautiful waterfalls that can be found in the state. Here are some of my favorites to visit during the fall. Check them out!

#1 – Screw Auger Falls (Grafton Township, ME)

Location: Grafton Township, Maine (Directions)

Height: Main plunge is 25 feet

Type: Plunge and cascades

#2 – Gulf Hagas (Bowdoin College Grant East, ME)

Location: Bowdoin College Grant East, Maine (Directions)

Height: Varies because multiple falls

Type: Plunges, horsetails, and cascades

#3 – Moxie Falls (West Forks, ME)

Location: West Forks, Maine (Directions)

Height: Tallest plunge is approximately 90 feet

Type: Plunge and cascades

#4 – Small Falls (Township E, ME)

Location: Township E, Maine (Directions)

Height: 54-foot total drop

Type: Horsetails and cascades

#5 – Snow Falls (West Paris, ME)

Location: West Paris, Maine (Directions)

Height: 25-foot total drop

Type: Plunge and cascades

#6 – Angel Falls (Township D, ME)

Location: Township D, Maine (Directions)

Height: 90 feet

Type: Plunge

#7 – Grand Falls (Township 3, Range 4, ME)

Location: Township 3, Range 4, Maine (Directions)

Height: 40 feet

Type: Block

#8 – Houston Brook Falls (Pleasant Ridge, ME)

Location: Pleasant Ridge, Maine (Directions)

Height: 32-foot total drop

Type: Horsetails and plunges

#9 – Bickford Slides (Stow, ME)

Location: Stow, Maine (Directions)

Height: 32-foot total drop

Type: Horsetails and plunges

#10 – Poplar Stream Falls (Carrabassett Valley, ME)

Location: Carrabassett Valley, Maine (Directions)

Height: 51 feet and 24 feet

Type: Horsetails

Maine waterfalls are truly beautiful in the fall. If you’re a waterfall lover and looking to explore more of New England, check out our other blog posts.

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