10 Best Massachusetts Waterfalls With Swimming Pools

Swimming pool at the base of Umpachene Falls in New Marlborough, Massachusetts
"Marcie at Umpachene Falls" by Paul Allison is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/?ref=openverse.

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When it comes to beating the heat in Massachusetts, there are few places that top swimming holes at waterfalls. Waterfalls and swimming holes are both magical by themselves, but when they are combined they become true oases. In this blog post, we cover the 10 best waterfalls to swim at in Massachusetts. 

Please be aware that the water quality of these swimming holes can change and it is always best to look up current conditions. Additionally, be aware that swimming in these pools can be unsafe due to them being surrounded by slippery rocks and having strong currents. Never swim alone. Also, remember to leave no trace while visiting. Iconic waterfalls such as Bash Bish Falls have been closed to swimming due to the poor treatment of natural resources by visitors. Do not leave any trash behind and be sure to pick up anything you may see at the waterfall or along the trail. 

These are the 10 best waterfalls with swimming pools in Massachusetts:

Cascades on Dunbar Brook

The swimming hole at the Cascades on Dunbar Brook is often referred to as one of the best in the state. This waterfall can be found in Monroe State Forest in Monroe, Massachusetts. The falls themselves drop about 15 feet via a series of cascades. The lowermost cascades drop into a stunning emerald-green pool. It is large and deep as well as clear on most nice summer days. Swimming at this pool is absolutely incredible as you get to wade around in the clean water while listening to the falls. Just be aware, this waterfall does take some hiking to reach so pack smart and never swim alone. 

Bellevue Falls

Bellevue Falls is a wonderful swimming hole and waterfall in Adams, Massachusetts. The waterfall itself only drops about 6 feet, but the highlight of this location is the pool at the waterfall’s base. The swimming pool is large enough that is could likely fit over two dozen people. It is also deep enough in some areas that visitors have been known to jump in from some of the short rock ledges around it. Of course, double-check depths before doing any jumping. The only negative about Bellevue Falls is that it is a popular hangout spot for many during the summer months. Odds are you will not be swimming alone here. 

Pecks Falls 

Pecks Falls is a beautiful waterfall in Adams, Massachusetts. The falls feature a series of drops along Pecks Brook which originates from the eastern slopes of Mount Greylock. The two main drops make up the upper and lower falls. The lower falls drop about 50 feet and it features horsetails and cascades. The upper falls feature a wonderful 15-foot drop that is made up of tiered plunges. The upper falls have the better swimming area. It is pretty easily accessible and nice for wading around on warm summer days.

Umpachene Falls

Marcie at Umpachene Falls” by Paul Allison is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Umpachene Falls is an iconic cascade in New Marlborough, Massachusetts. The waterfall drops about 40 feet along the Umpachene River. It is made up of cascades and slides. The waterfall flow often peaks during the spring but remains pretty solid year-round. The falls are a beloved swimming spot during the summer months. There are many pools that make for perfect hangout spots. While adults enjoy the waterfall, kids are known to enjoy playing around in the nearby Konkapot River. 

*Be aware that the parking lot has a sign that says “Park is for New Marlborough residents and their guests”

Chapel Brook Falls

Chapel Brook Falls is an extremely picturesque waterfall in Ashfield, Massachusetts. This waterfall features three main drops which drop 10-20 feet each via cascades, slides, and a block. The falls are fueled by Chapel Brook which features pretty good waterflow year-round. The pools at the bases of the drops are pretty good for swimming. They are not the deepest of pools, but still nice to wade around in. Kids always seem to love beating the heat at Chapel Brook Falls. 

Tannery Falls

When it comes to the tallest waterfalls in Massachusetts, Tannery Falls ranks #4. This waterfall drops a whooping 80 feet along Ross Brook via a series of plunges, cascades, and slides. At the base of the waterfall is a shallow pool. This pool has been rated by many as okay for swimming. It is not great, but can do the trick on some summer days. Along with being shallow, the pool is also pretty dark due to it being covered by trees. It is not the cleanest of water either. Depending on the day you visit, it may or may not be a good waterfall to swim at.

Glendale Falls

Glendale Falls is one of the most beloved waterfalls in the Baystate. First off, the waterfall is absolutely massive as it drops over 150 feet along Glendale Brook via a series of cascades. The falls are so tall and long that it takes a pretty long time to explore each cascade. For those seeking to beat the summer heat, there are a few really shallow pools to wade around in. The pool at the base of the falls is pretty deep, but sadly the water is almost always murky and there are strong currents. Best to just walk around the falls and dip your legs in, then full-on swim at this waterfall.

Falls at Mount Hope Park

Falls at Mount Hope Park in Williamstown, Massachusetts

Falls at Mount Hope Park is a wonderful roadside waterfall in Williamstown, Massachusetts. The falls drop about 5-10 feet along the Green River which features a large watershed. While the cascades are often roaring, there are a few peaceful spots to wade in the water. Be aware that the current here can be strong, so take caution and follow all current rules at the park. There are some picnic tables and restroom facilities at the park, so many people enjoy spending several hours here.  

Cascade on South Brook

The Cascade on South Brook can be found right off Notch Road in Cheshire, Massachusetts. The waterfall drops about 10 feet via a series of cascades. At the base of the waterfall is a pretty nice swimming pool. On hot summer days, it is a fun spot to wade around in to beat the heat. Due to its accessibility, this is definitely a spot to consider if you are looking to swim at a waterfall in Massachusetts.

Sages Ravine Falls

Sages Ravine Falls is a very remote waterfall located along the Appalachian Trail. The waterfall features several drops with the tallest being about 10-15 feet. At the base of some of the waterfalls are nice swimming holes. Some of them are pretty deep and seem clean enough for swimming. Getting down to them is not super easy, but if you are a hiker looking to beat the heat, some bushwhacking may be worth it. Take caution while swimming here because you are miles away from any roads.


Hope you enjoyed this blog post covering the 10 best waterfalls to swim at in Massachusetts! Remember to be safe, leave no trace, and have fun!

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