Massachusetts Covered Bridges To Visit This Fall

Massachusetts has several beautiful covered bridges which are great features to photograph. Sure, Massachusetts does not have nearly as many covered bridges as Vermont and New Hampshire BUT the ones in MA are stunning and well-worth seeing. Check out this list of some of the top covered bridges to check out this season!

Arthur A. Smith Bridge

  • Town: Colrain, Massachusetts
  • Year Built: 1869
  • Length: 100 Feet
  • Location: Here

Bissell Bridge

  • Town: Charlemont, Massachusetts
  • Year Built: 1951
  • Length: 60 Feet
  • Location:

Burkeville Covered Bridge

  • Town: Conway, Massachusetts
  • Year Built: 1870
  • Length: 107 Feet
  • Location: Here

Pepperell Covered Bridge

  • Town: Pepperell, Massachusetts
  • Year Built: 1963 and rebuilt in 2010
  • Length: 95 Feet
  • Location: Here

Upper Sheffield Bridge

  • Town: Sheffield, Massachusetts
  • Year Built: 1999
  • Length: 93 Feet
  • Location: Here

Vermont Covered Bridge (Service Bridge)

  • Town: Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts
  • Year Built: 1874
  • Length: 55 Feet
  • Location: Here

Ware–Hardwick Covered Bridge

  • Town: Gilbertville, Massachusetts
  • Year Built: 1886
  • Length: 137 Feet
  • Location: Here

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