Best New Hampshire Churches To Photograph This Fall

Saint Johns Church, Jefferson, New Hampshire

We compiled a list of the best New Hampshire churches to photograph this fall. New Hampshire is home to some of the most beautiful displays of fall foliage in the country, if not the world. There are many iconic New Hampshire fall spots to be photographed – from mountain tops and covered bridges to quaint downtowns and waterfalls. But some of the greatest locations to photograph are the churches found throughout the state.

When roaming the backroads of New Hampshire, you are bound to see some stunning chapels. Typically, there are hundred-plus-year-old churches found at the center of each town. In this blog post, you will see some of the best New Hampshire churches found all throughout the state!

St. Matthew’s Chapel (Sugar Hill, Hampshire)

  • Address: 967 NH-117, Sugar Hill, New Hampshire 03586
  • Directions: HERE

Saint Matthews Chapel in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire is one of the most Instagramable churches in the state. The church is located in the heart of the White Mountains and was opened in 1894. Today, photographers flock to the church year-round to see its beautiful architecture, surrounding forest, and garden. It is especially popular during the fall foliage season when the foliage in New Hampshire is peaking. Saint Matthews Chapel is also a must-visit location in the spring when thousands of lupines bloom on the grounds. 

Little White Church (Eaton, New Hampshire)

  • Address: 2371 Eaton Rd, Eaton Center, New Hampshire 03832
  • Directions: HERE

The Little White Church is about as lovely a New England chapel as you will find. The stunning white church stands along Eaton Road in Eaton, New Hampshire. The Freewill Baptist group of the little village constructed the church in 1879. The church is currently a well-liked venue for weddings and gatherings in addition to religious services. No Freewill Baptist congregation exists in the neighborhood anymore, but the church remains an active location. It’s impossible to visit without experiencing a sense of serenity and tranquillity given its location nestled between the mountains and Crystal Lake. 

Many photographers that visit the church decided to park at the corner of Brownfield Road and Eaton Road to take photos. At this intersection, there is a small beach allowing photographers to compose a photo of Crystal Lake and the Little White Church in the distance. There are often wonderful reflections of the church on the lake during calm days!

Wonalancet Union Church (Wonalancet, New Hampshire)

Wonalancet Union Church, New Hampshire
Photo by user: @will
  • Address: 3436 Chinook Trail, Wonalancet, New Hampshire 03897
  • Directions: HERE

The Wonalancet Union Church needs no introduction. It is often regarded among photographers as the best church in New Hampshire to photograph during the fall. The church shines during fall foliage season because it sits at the base of the White Mountains and barely peaks out of the forest. The contrast between the beautiful white church and the colorful foliage is truly perfect!

The union church is well off the beaten path. It is located along Chinook Trail (Route 113A) in the tiny unincorporated community of Wonalancet, New Hampshire. There is a large field located in front of the church, which is perfect for photographers!

Community Church of Sandwich (Sandwich, New Hampshire)

Community Church of Sandwich, Sandwich, New Hampshire
Photo by user: @tom
  • Address: 12 Church St, Sandwich, New Hampshire 03227
  • Directions: HERE

The Community Church of Sandwich is a historic and beautiful church that stands right near Main Street in Sandwich, New Hampshire. Originally, there was a meetinghouse built on the site which was completed in 1792. In 1862, the meetinghouse was converted into a church and built in the Greek Revival style. The church has become a must-visit location for photographers in the fall. The stunning white steeple shines among the colorful orange, red, and yellow trees during the fall season.

Saint John’s Church (Jefferson, New Hampshire)

Saint Johns Church, Jefferson, New Hampshire
Photo by user: @tom
  • Address: 5 Black Velvet Rd, Jefferson, New Hampshire 03583
  • Directions: HERE

Saint John’s Church is a great place to stop along Route 2 (Presidential Highway) in Jefferson, New Hampshire. The church was built in 1890 and still holds mass today. It is a wonderful structure to photograph during the fall season considering it is surrounded by beautiful trees. Be sure to stop at Saint John’s during a day of exploring to take a break and capture some photos!

Stark Union Church (Stark, New Hampshire)

  • Address:6 Northside Rd, Stark, New Hampshire 03582
  • Directions: HERE

The Stark Union Church, also known as the Stark Church, is another iconic church in New Hampshire. The church is located right along Route 110 and the Upper Ammonoosuc River. The Stark Covered Bridge is located adjacent to the church, making it a great two-for-one photography site. It was constructed in 1853 as a place of nondenominational worship and is a fine example of vernacular church architecture from the middle of the 19th century. In 1983, the structure was added to the National Register of Historic Places. It continues to be the only church in the small town of Stark which is home to just 500 people.

Washington Congregational Church (Washington, New Hampshire)

  • Address: Halfmoon Pond Rd, Washington, New Hampshire 03280
  • Directions: HERE

The Washington Congregational Church is hard to miss. It is one of three historic buildings located on the Washington Common in Washington, New Hampshire. The church itself was constructed in 1840 and it has held continuous worship services every Sunday since its opening. In the 1980s, the building was raised and a basement was added. Aside from that, the church is completely original. 

Neighboring the church is the Washington Town Hall and Meetinghouse which was built in 1787.

North Church of Portsmouth (Portsmouth, New Hampshire)

  • Address: 2 Congress Street, Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801
  • Directions: HERE

The North Church of Portsmouth is one of the most popular churches in all of New Hampshire. Thousands of people walk past the church every day due to its location in downtown Portsmouth. The church is popular among photographers because of its large size and beautiful architecture. Visit the church during the fall season to see the trees surrounding the building changing colors. You are sure to see wonderful orange, yellow, and red leaves during late September and early October in front of the church!

Acworth Congregational Church (Acworth, New Hampshire)

  • Address: Town Hall Rd, Acworth, New Hampshire 03601
  • Directions: HERE

At the far end of the town square in Acworth, New Hampshire, stands the historic Acworth Congregational Church. The church was constructed in 1821 and has remained in great shape despite being over 200 years old. The exterior of the church is stunning and it showcases an excellent local illustration of Federal-era design. As a result of surviving later alterations, its interior now displays a distinctive Victorian-era design. In 1975, the church was added to the list of National Register of Historic Places. Today, a local nonprofit organization maintains the church. Visit in the fall to enjoy the beautiful foliage surrounding the stunning church. 

Old Meeting House and Methodist Church (Marlow, New Hampshire)

  • Address: 11 Church St, Marlow, New Hampshire 03456
  • Directions: HERE

On the northern edge of Cheshire County is the farming community of Marlow, New Hampshire, which has been virtually unaltered over the years. It serves as the model for a rural Yankee community. At the heart of the town, visitors can see the Methodist Church which was built in 1829, and the Old Meeting House which was built in 1792. These two historic buildings stand right next to each other. Many photographers like to park on the Village Pond causeway and photograph the structures with the pond in the frame. 

Park Hill Meetinghouse (Westmoreland, New Hampshire)

  • Address: Park Hill Common Road, Westmoreland, New Hampshire 03467
  • Directions: HERE

On Park Hill in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, there is a historic gathering place called the Park Hill Meetinghouse. It has a gabled roof, a two-story wood frame, and clapboard siding on the outside. Three entrances are framed by pilasters and have lengthy cornices on top. It features a broad five-bay facade with paired pilasters at the corners. A portico with a projecting gabled roof and round Doric columns guard the entrances. Above the portico, a three-stage square tower rises to a bell-shaped cupola and weathervane.

It is a remarkable example of Federal and Greek Revival architecture that was influenced by the work of nationally renowned architect Elias Carter. It was constructed in 1764 and had substantial renovations in the early 19th century. In 1980, the structure was added to the National Register of Historic Places. The Westmoreland Park Hill Meetinghouse and Historical Society is the organization that owns and maintains the building. Be sure to visit the Meetinghouse during the fall season to witness the beautiful trees surrounding the historic white church.

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