5 Awesome New Hampshire Lighthouses To Check Out

New Hampshire is home to 5 beautiful lighthouses which can be found throughout the Granite State. Although New Hampshire only has a few miles of Atlantic coastline, there are 2 lighthouses sitting off the coast of New Hampshire. The other three lighthouses can be found on Lake Sunapee. If you visit Lake Sunapee and want to see the lighthouses up close, be sure to check out http://www.sunapeecruises.com/

Burkehaven Lighthouse

  • Location: Lake Sunapee – Sunapee, NH
  • Year Established: 1893
  • Year Present Lighthouse Built: 1983
  • Height: About 20 Feet
  • Directions: Here
  • Latitude: 43.3717 N
  • Longitude: 72.0658 W

The original Burkehaven Lighthouse was built in 1893 by the Woodsum Brothers. The lighthouse was built by the brothers to help them operate a steamship service at the time. During the 1930s, the Great Depression lead to the fall of tourism and the steamship service. In 1935, Burkehaven light was destroyed by ice and was left in need of repair. In 1983 funding was raised by the Lake Sunapee Protective Association to rebuild the lighthouse. The lighthouse has been well-maintained ever since then.

Herrick Cove Lighthouse

  • Location: Lake Sunapee – Herrick Cove, NH
  • Year Established: 1893
  • Year Present Lighthouse Built: 1893
  • Height: 27 Feet
  • Directions: Here
  • Latitude: 43.4112 N
  • Longitude: 72.0417 W

Herrick Cove Lighthouse is the oldest of the three lighthouses built on the clear cool waters of Lake Sunapee by the Woodsum Brothers. The lighthouse marks the entrance to Herrick Cove and has a unique white wooden hexagonal shape. Herrick Cove Lighthouse stands 27 feet tall and it is a must-see!

Isles of Shoals (White Island) Lighthouse

  • Location: Isles of Shoals (White Island), NH
  • Year Established: 1821
  • Year Present Lighthouse Built: 1859
  • Height: 58 Feet
  • Directions: Here
  • Latitude: 42 58 02 N
  • Longitude: 70 37 24 W

Isles of Shoals (White Island) Lighthouse sits about 6 miles off the shore of Portsmouth, NH. The lighthouse was established in 1821 with a stone tower. A proper wooden tower was constructed in 1859. The lighthouse has faced many storms over the years which have washed away the walkway from the tower to the lightkeeper’s house and caused other damages. Since 1896, the lighthouse has been automated and it continues flashing a brilliant white beam every 15 seconds.

Loon Island Lighthouse

  • Location: Lake Sunapee – Loon Island, NH
  • Year Established: 1893
  • Year Present Lighthouse Built: 1960
  • Height: About 28 Feet
  • Directions: Here
  • Latitude: 43.392 N
  • Longitude: 72.060 W

Loon Island Lighthouse is the third lighthouse built by the Woodsum Brothers in the 1890s. The lighthouse had to be rebuilt in 1960 after the original was damaged by a lightning strike. Today, the lighthouse is owned by the New Hampshire Marine Patrol Bureau and maintained by the Lake Sunapee Protective Association.

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

  • Location: Portsmouth Harbor, NH
  • Year Established: 1771
  • Year Present Lighthouse Built: 1878
  • Height: 48 Feet
  • Directions: Here
  • Latitude: 43 04 16 N
  • Longitude: 70 42 31 W

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse was established in 1771 within Fort Constitution in New Castle, NH. The lighthouse was the 10th of 11 light stations established before the American Revolution. The original lighthouse was replaced in 1804 with a larger tower and in 1874 a new 48-foot brick-lined lighthouse was built. The 1874 lighthouse is the current Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse that can be viewed today. The lighthouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2009.

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