New London Ledge Lighthouse

New London Ledge Lighthouse in New London, Connecticut

New London Ledge Lighthouse has stood on the southwest ledge of the Thames River in Connecticut since 1909. The lighthouse is located near the mouth of New London Harbor, about 1 mile off the coast of New London. The Lighthouse Board altered the lighthouse’s official name from Southwest Ledge Lighthouse to New London Ledge Lighthouse […]

Fayerweather Island Lighthouse

Fayerweather Island Lighthouse (Black Rock Harbor Light) in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Fayerweather Island Lighthouse, also known as Black Rock Harbor Light, is a historic tower in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It has marked the harbor since 1808.

Five Mile Point Lighthouse (New Haven Harbor Lighthouse)

Five Mile Point Lighthouse, also known as New Haven Harbor Lighthouse, in New Haven, Connecticut

Five Mile Point Lighthouse: Guiding Light at New Haven Harbor Five Mile Point Light, also known as Five Mile Point Lighthouse or New Haven Harbor Lighthouse, stands as an enduring sentinel on the shores of the Long Island Sound, marking the entrance to New Haven Harbor. Its storied history, dating back to the American Revolutionary […]