Cundy’s Harbor

Cundy’s Harbor in Harpswell, Maine

Cundy’s Harbor in Harpswell, Maine is a beautiful harbor that is active among fishermen and well-loved for its boating and oceanfront dining.

Daggett Rock

Daggett Rock in Phillips, Maine

Daggett Rock in Phillips, Maine is one of the largest glacial erratics in New England. It can be reached by a short, family-friendly hike.

Whitefield Lupine Field

Whitefield Lupine Field in Whitefield, Maine

The Whitefield Lupine Field is a unique roadside gem in Whitefield, Maine. The field features hundreds of stunning purple lupines.

Camp Ellis Jetty

Camp Ellis Jetty in Saco, Maine

The Camp Ellis Jetty is beloved by locals and visitors in Saco, Maine. The jetty stretches nearly 1 mile at the entrance to the Saco River.v

Lookout Point Harpswell

Lookout Point in Harpswell, Maine

Lookout Point in Harpswell, Maine is a wonderful little viewpoint in the charming coastal town. It is a beloved sunrise and sunset viewpoint.

Perkins Cove Drawbridge

Perkins Cove Drawbridge in Ogunquit, Maine

The Perkins Cove Drawbridge is a beloved landmark in Ogunquit, Maine. The drawbridge carries a pedestrian walkway across the harbor and opens for boat traffic.

Schoodic Point

Schoodic Point on the Schoodic Peninsula in Acadia National Park in Winter Harbor, Maine

Schoodic Point is an iconic viewpoint located at the southern tip of the Schoodic Peninsula. This is in the Winter Harbor section of Acadia National Park.

Oarweed Cove

Oarweed Cove in the Perkins Cove village in Ogunquit, Maine

Oarweed Cove is a wonderful spot in the Perkins Cove village of Ogunquit, Maine. It is a great spot to relax along the coast.

Badger’s Island Buoy Shack

Badger’s Island Buoy Shack in Kittery, Maine

Badger’s Island Buoy Shack is an iconic site in Kittery, Maine on the shores of the Piscataqua River on the border of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The shack is known for its waterfront location and how it is covered in colorful buoys. It is a beloved structure among photographers in New England.

Johnson Bay

Johnson Bay in Lubec, Maine

Johnson Bay, nestled in Lubec, Maine, within the United States, is a charming coastal bay offering scenic beauty and a picturesque maritime setting. This bay is framed by natural features, with Lubec Neck to the southeast separating it from the Lubec Channel, and Seward Neck to the west marking its boundary from Cobscook Bay. To […]