Hyannis Rear Range Lighthouse

Hyannis Rear Range Lighthouse in Hyannis, Massachusetts on Cape Cod

The Hyannis Rear Range Lighthouse is a relatively unknown yet extremely important former lighthouse in Hyannis, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. Lighthouse Specs

Nantucket Cliff Range Lighthouses

Nantucket Cliff Range Lighthouses on Pawguvet Lane in Nantucket, Massachusetts

The Nantucket Cliff Range Lighthouses are fascinating structures currently located on Pawguvet Lane in Nantucket, Massachusetts. They once played an important navigational role. Lighthouse Specs

Nantucket Harbor Range Lights

Nantucket Harbor Range Lights on Easton Street in Nantucket, Massachusetts

The Nantucket Harbor Range Lights are unique structures found in the Brant Point neighborhood on Nantucket. They once played a key navigational role. Lighthouse Specs

Long Point Lighthouse

Long Point Lighthouse at Long Point in Provincetown, Massachusetts on Cape Cod

Introduction: The Long Point Lighthouse, nestled in Provincetown, Massachusetts, on the idyllic Cape Cod peninsula, stands as a testament to the maritime history and navigational needs of this coastal region. This iconic structure has served as a beacon of safety for sailors navigating the treacherous waters of Cape Cod Bay. Here, we delve into the […]

West Dennis Lighthouse

West Dennis Lighthouse, also known as the Bass River Lighthouse, in West Dennis, Massachusetts

Introduction: The West Dennis Lighthouse, affectionately known as the Bass River Lighthouse, is a maritime treasure nestled along the shores of West Dennis, Massachusetts. This historic beacon has long guided seafarers through the intricate waterways of Cape Cod, and it holds a unique place in the region’s maritime history. Establishment and Historical Significance: In 1853, […]

West Chop Lighthouse

West Chop Lighthouse in Tisbury, Massachusetts on Martha's Vineyard

Introduction: West Chop Lighthouse, a venerable beacon located in Tisbury, Massachusetts, on the enchanting Martha’s Vineyard, stands as both a guardian of seafarers and a symbol of maritime heritage. This historic lighthouse has played a pivotal role in guiding vessels safely through the waters surrounding this picturesque island. Why was the lighthouse needed, and where […]

The Graves Lighthouse

The Graves Lighthouse in Boston Harbor in Boston, Massachusetts

Introduction: The Graves Lighthouse, a venerable sentinel perched in Boston Harbor, Massachusetts, marks the outermost boundary of this bustling harbor. As a guardian of maritime safety and a symbol of Boston’s nautical heritage, this historic lighthouse has stood the test of time and continues to serve as an iconic landmark. Why was the lighthouse needed, […]

Tarpaulin Cove Lighthouse

Tarpaulin Cove Lighthouse on Naushon Island in Gosnold, Massachusetts

Introduction: Nestled on Naushon Island in Gosnold, Massachusetts, the Tarpaulin Cove Lighthouse stands as a striking symbol of maritime history and coastal beauty. This historic lighthouse, surrounded by the natural splendor of the Elizabeth Islands, has been a guiding light for sailors and a testament to the enduring allure of coastal New England. Why was […]