Original Site of The Redstone Schoolhouse

Original Site of The Redstone Schoolhouse in Sterling, MA

The Original Site of The Redstone Schoolhouse can be found in Sterling, Massachusetts. This location claims a connection to the timeless nursery rhyme, “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” Constructed in the late 1700s, the original quaint one-room schoolhouse served as a beacon of education from 1798 until 1927, when it closed its doors for the […]

Black Jesus Statue

Black Jesus Statue behind the Hawthorne Youth and Community Center in Roxbury, Boston, Massachusetts

The Black Jesus Statue in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts is a local landmark. This unique statue can be found along Highland Street behind the Hawthorne Youth and Community Center. More research is being done to determine when and why the statue was placed on this large boulder. It is believed to have been […]

Sterling Town Pound

Sterling Town Pound in Sterling, Massachusetts featuring a circle of stones

Located along the scenic Butterick Nature Trail in Sterling, Massachusetts, the Sterling Town Pound stands as a silent sentinel of colonial history. Enclosed within solidly built stone walls, this historic structure offers a glimpse into a bygone era. Dating back to the early colonial period, town pounds were commonplace across New England. These high-walled, lockable […]

Harvard Bridge Houdini Plaque

Harvard Bridge Houdini Plaque in Boston, Massachusetts

Among the pantheon of magicians, illusionists, and escape artists, none shines brighter than the legendary Harry Houdini. His death-defying feats enthralled audiences, none more so than his renowned act of escaping from handcuffs and shackles in daring scenarios. One such remarkable performance occurred on the Harvard Bridge spanning the Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts. In […]

Ether Monument

The 40-foot Ether Monument in Boston, Massachusetts within the Boston Public Garden

The Ether Monument, also known as The Good Samaritan, stands as a significant landmark within Boston’s Public Garden, serving as a poignant reminder of the monumental breakthrough in medical history—the discovery of ether’s anesthetic properties. Erected in 1868, this towering structure, reaching approximately 40 feet in height, holds distinction as the oldest monument nestled within […]

Public Restroom To Sandwich Shop

Public Restroom To Sandwich Shop, known today as The Earl of Sandwich, in Boston, Massachusetts within the Boston Common

Did you know a public men’s bathroom in the Boston Common was transformed into a sandwich shop? Kind of gross and kind of cool. Very obscure. Nestled within Boston Common, amidst the verdant expanse of parkland, lies an unassuming yet historically significant structure – The Earl of Sandwich. Housed within an octagonal stone building, this […]

The Gerrymander Plaque

The Gerrymander Plaque in Boston, Massachusetts

Hidden in plain sight on the outer wall of a downtown establishment in Boston lies a modest plaque marking the birthplace of an enduring political tactic. It was here, on a fateful night in 1812, that then-Governor Elbridge Gerry, along with state Senator Israel Thorndike, hatched a plan to redraw electoral districts to favor their […]

Boston Irish Famine Memorial

Boston Irish Famine Memorial in Boston, Massachusetts

The Boston Irish Famine Memorial stands as a solemn tribute to one of the darkest chapters in Irish history, the Great Famine of 1845–1852. Nestled within the bustling streets of Boston, Massachusetts, this memorial park, unveiled in June 1998, serves as a poignant reminder of the harrowing experiences endured by countless Irish families during this […]

Democratic Donkey and Republican Footprints

Democratic Donkey and Republican Footprints in Boston, Massachusetts in front of the Old City Hall

Nestled along Boston’s Freedom Trail, just outside the iconic Old City Hall, stands a peculiar yet endearing sight: a bronze donkey statue attracting the curiosity of children and adults alike. Beside it lies a set of cast footprints adorned with the motto “Stand In Opposition,” offering a silent yet poignant counterpoint. This whimsical addition to […]

Boston’s Giant Steaming Gold Tea Kettle

Boston's Giant Steaming Gold Tea Kettle along Court Street near Government Center

The story behind Boston’s Giant Steaming Gold Tea Kettle dates back to 1873, when it was made by local coppersmiths Hicks and Badger. It was completed for the Oriental Teashop which had a store on Court Street. They hung the kettle right above their entrance and had it made so they could run a promotional […]