1946 Nashua Dodgers Mural

1946 Nashua Dodgers Mural in Nashua, New Hampshire

Nestled in the heart of downtown Nashua, New Hampshire, there exists a hidden gem that tells a captivating tale—the 1946 Nashua Dodgers Mural. This extraordinary artwork not only serves as a vibrant piece of street art but also encapsulates a remarkable and lesser-known story that deserves to be shared. The mural transports us back to […]

Little White Church in Eaton

Little White Church in Eaton in Eaton, New Hampshire

The Little White Church in Eaton, New Hampshire is a local landmark and one of the most beautiful churches in the state of New Hampshire. The church was built in 1879 and since then it has become a center for the spiritual and community life of the citizens of Eaton, New Hampshire, and the surrounding […]

Stonewall Farm

Stonewall Farm in Keene, New Hampshire

Stonewall Farm in Keene, New Hampshire is one of the most amazing farms in the state. The farm dates all the way back to 1759 when the property was originally sold by Samuel Daniels to his son John. John Daniel is the person who began to create what would become Stonewall Farm. Over the decades, […]

Cathedral of the Pines

Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge, New Hampshire

Cathedral of the Pines is an amazing open-air complex in Rindge, New Hampshire. It is located on the top of a hill and offers panoramic views of Mount Monadnock and Cheshire County. The cathedral was developed by the Sloane family in 1945 to be a memorial for soldiers who have fallen in service to the […]

Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway

Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway in Franconia, New Hampshire within the White Mountain National Forest

The Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway, a treasured attraction in Franconia, New Hampshire, boasts a rich history as the first passenger aerial tramway in North America, commencing operations at this site in 1938. It has transported nearly seven million passengers to the summit, promising an exhilarating experience. Visitors can embark on an awe-inspiring eight-minute journey within […]

St Matthews Chapel in Sugar Hill

St Matthews Chapel in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

St Matthews Chapel in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire is one of the most iconic chapels in New England. It is especially known for its adjacent lupine field.

Prospect Mountain Fire Tower

Prospect Mountain Fire Tower in Lancaster, New Hampshire

Prospect Mountain Fire Tower is a unique and historic stone structure located at the summit of Prospect Mountain in Lancaster, New Hampshire.

East Branch Saco River Railroad Bridge

East Brach Saco River Railroad Bridge in Bartlett, New Hampshire

East Branch Saco River Railroad Bridge is an iconic photography spot in Bartlett, New Hampshire. It is one of the finest places to capture train photos.

Memorial Bridge

Memorial Bridge in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Memorial Bridge is a beloved landmark in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This vertical-lift bridge opened in 2013 to carry U.S. Route 1 across the Piscataqua River.

Russell-Colbath Barn

Russell-Colbath Barn in Albany, New Hampshire

Russell-Colbath Barn is a beloved landmark located just off the Kancamagus Highway in Albany, New Hampshire. This pretty barn is part of a historic homestead.