Burlington Breakwater South Lighthouse

Burlington Breakwater South Lighthouse in Burlington, Vermont on Lake Champlain

The Burlington Breakwater South Lighthouse was originally constructed in 1857. The need for a lighthouse on Lake Champlain came after many events took place. One major event was the forty-six-mile-long Champlain Canal being completed in 1823. This canal connected Lake Champlain to the Hudson River and the market in New York City. Twenty years later, […]

Burlington Breakwater North Light

Burlington Breakwater North Light in Burlington, Vermont

Burlington Breakwater North Lighthouse: Guiding Ships to Vermont’s Harbor Burlington Breakwater North Lighthouse, a picturesque 35-foot tower, stands as a sentinel of safety and a symbol of maritime history at the entrance of Burlington Harbor in Vermont. Since its inception in 1857, this lighthouse has played an essential role in guiding mariners safely to the […]