Alder Stream Falls

Alder Stream Township, Maine
Alder Stream Falls is a stunning and remote waterfall in the Alder Stream Township, Maine. The falls drop about 50 feet along the stream.
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Alder Stream Falls is a stunning and super remote waterfall located in the Alder Stream Township in Maine. The waterfall has a total height of 50 feet and it can be found along the Alder Stream. Alder Stream features pretty solid water flow year-round. That said, it typically flows strongest during spring when the snow melts and after heavy rainstorms. Considering the water flow is often greatest in the spring, the months of May and June are recommended for visitors hoping to see them roaring. That said, Alder Stream Falls is truly a great location to explore year-round.

The waterfall itself drops in a unique formation consisting of two separate drops. The upper section of the falls drops about 25 feet. It falls in a beautiful formation featuring plunges and cascades. The lower section of the falls also drops about 25 feet. This section consists mainly of horsetails and cascades.

Accessing the waterfall is both easy and hard. Driving to the waterfall is a challenge, but the hike is super quick and easy. The waterfall is located in an extremely remote region in Northern Maine, just about 10 miles from the Canadian Border.  Explorers can drive along ME-27 and eventually turn onto Alder Stream Road which is an unmarked and unpaved road. Follow Alder Stream Road for about 4.5 miles to reach the waterfall. It is recommended to have a 4-wheel drive vehicle and some emergency equipment just in case. After driving the four and a half miles, parking is available on the side of the road near the upper falls. Once parked, the falls are just steps away. Dogs are allowed on the trail.


Address: South Road, Alder Stream Township, Maine
Place GPS Coordinates: 45.235478, -70.624914
Parking GPS Coordinates: 45.235478, -70.624914
Parking Notes: Upper Falls are located at 45.235478, -70.624914. Lower Falls are located at 45.236238, -70.621764. There are two parking areas for the waterfall. The best parking option is the dirt parking area along South Road located near the upper falls. It can hold about 3-4 cars.

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