Alpine Cascades


Alpine Cascades is a stunning hidden waterfall located in Gorham, New Hampshire. The waterfall has a total height of about 60 feet and it can be uncovered along Cascade Alpine Brook. Cascade Alpine Brook often flows strongest during spring when the snow melts and after heavy rainstorms. Considering the water flow is often greatest in the spring, the months of March, April, and May are recommended for visitors hoping to see it at full force. That said, Alpine Cascades is a great location to visit year-round. The waterfall itself tumbles down in a unique fan formation.

Accessing the waterfall is relatively straightforward if you know where you are going. The waterfall itself is not very well known and there is no official parking area for visitors to the falls. That said, there is plenty of public parking available and just a short hike is required to reach the falls. Many visitors park along Shelby Road in Gorham. The falls are then just a 0.50-mile hike away. It should also be noted that this a popular area for ATVs and many riders love stopping at the falls. 

The hike to Alpine Cascades is a great family-friendly activity. Dogs are also welcome to join in on the fun! If you’re looking for more great waterfalls in NH to explore, check out our new complete list of every waterfall in New Hampshire.


Waterfall Specs

  • Height: 60 feet
  • Type: Fan
  • Water Source: Cascade Alpine Brook
  • Swimming: Too shallow

Alpine Cascades Location

  • Park: None
  • Address: Shelby Street
  • Town: Gorham
  • State: New Hampshire
  • GPS: 44.448802, -71.182068
  • Parking Notes: There is no dedicated parking area for visitors to Alpine Cascades. One of the best options is to park along Shelby Street and then walk about a half-mile to the waterfall. This is a popular area for ATVs, so be aware that you may see some riders.
  • Parking Directions: HERE
  • Location Directions: HERE


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