Amston Lake

Hebron and Lebanon, Connecticut
Amston Lake, a picturesque 188-acre pond, graces the towns of Hebron and Lebanon in Connecticut, offering visitors a serene and private oasis.
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Amston Lake, a picturesque 188-acre pond, graces the towns of Hebron and Lebanon in Connecticut, offering residents and visitors a serene and private oasis for recreational activities. This charming private lake is renowned for its excellent swimming, fishing, and boating/sailing opportunities, drawing in nature enthusiasts and water lovers alike. In addition to its recreational appeal, Amston Lake also captivates photographers with its stunning sunrises and sunsets reflected upon the tranquil waters.

The history of Amston Lake is intertwined with the legacy of Charles M. Ams, who held primary ownership of the lake and its surrounding land as far back as 1912. Ams acquired a total of 20 tracts of land in December 1912, in a transaction that included water rights to North Pond. These rights were initially secured by Phineas W. Turner, a prominent figure in Turnerville. Following the purchase, Charles M. Ams gave the community its name, Amston, and christened the lake as Amston Lake. Ams went on to build a summer cottage, located on what is now Ames Road, and a beautiful home on Lake Road. Both of these properties remain in use as private residences to this day. Ams was known for his passion for hunting and fishing, further cementing his connection to the natural beauty of the area.

Between 1926 and 1928, a local group of outdoor enthusiasts, known as the Amston Lake Club, Incorporated (the Club), entered into five 5-year leases with Charles M. Ams, securing hunting and fishing privileges on the land surrounding Amston Lake. This Club is believed to be the predecessor of what has since evolved into the Amston Lake Improvement Association. The 1928 lease provided comprehensive details regarding boundaries, allowable uses, and access to buildings, shedding light on the early days of organized activities around the lake.

Tragically, Charles M. Ams passed away in 1931, before the leases had expired. While he may have considered renewing the leases, his heirs made the decision to sell the 200 acres of land, including the lake, to a consortium of three investors. This group formed the Amston Lake Company (ALC), with the intention of subdividing the property into lots for summer residences. ALC would own and maintain the lake, dam, beaches, and specific lakefront lots, ensuring property owners had access to boating, swimming, and fishing.

Over time, Amston Lake has seen gradual development, remaining a private enclave amidst the natural beauty of the region. Today, the lake offers an array of recreational amenities for residents, preserving its peaceful ambiance and natural charm. While a few parking lots and beaches exist around the lake, access to these lots appears to be restricted to residents, maintaining the lake’s privacy. Though it is a private gem, many may agree that the beauty of the lake is a hidden treasure deserving of wider appreciation.


Address: Deepwood Drive, Hebron, Connecticut
Place GPS Coordinates: 41.624938, -72.327990
Parking GPS Coordinates: 41.624938, -72.327990
Parking Notes: There is a small sandy beach at Amston Lake located just off Deepwood Drive. There is a large sandy parking lot at the beach.

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