Battery 205


Battery 205 is an abandoned coastal gun battery on Fort Foster in Kittery, Maine. The battery was constructed during World War 2.

Battery 205 Establishment

As World War 2 began, the need for Battery 205 became clear as the government sought to strengthen the Harbor Defenses of Portsmouth. To do this, many of the older Endicott Period coastal gun batteries were disarmed and new batteries, such as Battery 205, were constructed. 

Construction on Battery 205 began on November 10, 1942, which was about 3 years into the war. It was not completed until September 8, 1944. When completed it was transferred to the Coast Artillery for conditional use. The battery consisted of a long magazine that was covered by earth and on either end, there were M4 Shielded Barbette Carriages. The carriages were planned to hold two 6-inch T2-M1 rapid-fire guns. Unfortunately, the guns did not arrive and were never delivered before the war ended in 1945.

Following the war, the government ordered the barbette carriages to be removed. They were extracted and sent to the Watertown Arsenal in Watertown, Massachusetts. 

The Battery Today

Today, Battery 205 can be found in present-day Fort Foster park. Fort Foster is home to several old gun batteries and other interesting abandoned structures. Some of the highlights include Battery Chapin, Battery Bohlen, and the Fort Foster Fire Control Tower.



  • Year Established: 1942
  • Year Abandoned: 1948
  • Original Function: World War II coastal gun battery on Fort Foster

Battery 205 Location

  • Park: Fort Foster Park
  • Address: Pocahontas Road
  • Town: Kittery
  • State: Maine
  • GPS: Lat 43.0663682 Lng -70.6880303
  • Parking notes: There is a large parking lot at the park which does charge $20 to park at in the summer. The Fort Foster Park gate is closed to vehicular traffic in the offseason and it reopens each year in the Spring.
  • Parking directions: HERE
  • Location directions: HERE


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