Battery Murphy (Battery 104)

Nahant, Massachusetts
Battery Murphy, originally named Battery 104, is an abandoned gun battery built during WW2 on the East Point Military Reservation in Nahant.
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Battery Murphy, originally named Battery 104, is an abandoned coastal gun battery that was built during World War 2 on the East Point Military Reservation in Nahant, Massachusetts. During the war, it was equipped with two 16-inch MarkII-M1 guns. It was abandoned after the war and was later purchased by Northeastern University and repurposed into a marine research building.

Battery Murphy Establishment

When World War 2 began, the government sought to increase its coastal defenses to prepare for any potential attacks on the United States. The East Point Military Reservation was established in 1917 during World War 1, but it received many updates when World War 2 began. New coastal gun batteries were designed for East Point to replace the aging and outdated Endicott Period Batteries. Battery Murphy was constructed on East Point to help modernize the Harbor Defenses of Boston and aid nearby Battery Gardner which was becoming obsolete. Battery 206 was also built on East Point, just a few steps from Battery Murphy.

Construction on Battery Murphy began on January 23, 1942. It was completed the following year on December 18, 1943, and transferred to the Coast Artillery for use on June 19, 1944. When finished, the battery was equipped with two 16-inch MarkII-M1 guns mounted on M4 Casemated Barbette Carriages. It was a single-story gun battery with central magazines and support areas that were covered by earth so the structure could blend into the surrounding terrain. The guns were mounted on either side of the battery. They were casemated to protect the guns and crew members operating the guns. In order to move shells and powder from the magazines to the guns, there were overhead tracks and chain hoists installed along with ammunition carts.

What Remains Today

Today, Battery Murphy is an interesting location to visit. It is located in the beautiful Lodge Park at the easternmost point of Nahant. Sadly, Northeastern University acquired the battery and turned it into a marine research center. It is nice to see the battery being re-purposed, but a bit annoying to see the modern machinery situated at the entrances and some of the modern doors installed. That said, the eastern side of the battery has been mostly untouched and the old casemates can still be seen. The land is overgrown, but fun to explore.


Address: Nahant Road, Nahant, Massachusetts
Place GPS Coordinates: 42.418417, -70.905611
Parking GPS Coordinates: 42.418417, -70.905611
Parking Notes: Battery Murphy is located in Lodge Park in Nahant, Massachusetts. This park does not have good parking options. There are about 5 spots located at the entrance to the park, but these are only for cars with Nahant Residency stickers. For visitors, the best parking option is to park at the Nahant Public Library along Pleasant Street. There is 30-minute free parking at the library.

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