Bayside Park (Malletts Bay)

Colchester, Vermont
Bayside Park, along the picturesque shores of Malletts Bay on Lake Champlain, stands as one of the most loved places in Colchester, Vermont.
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Bayside Park, nestled along the picturesque shores of Malletts Bay on Lake Champlain, stands as one of the most loved places in Colchester, Vermont. This expansive park covers 22 acres and offers visitors a wide array of recreational opportunities and natural beauty.

One of the park’s standout features is its inviting beach area, which serves as a hub of summer activity. Here, you’ll find a charming little beach with all the amenities you need for a perfect day by the water. The beach is equipped with a small dock, rafts, and a convenient bathhouse. It’s an ideal spot for swimming, sunbathing, launching a kayak, or simply enjoying the soothing waters of Malletts Bay on a warm summer day.

However, Bayside Park is not just about the beach. It offers a diverse range of activities and facilities to cater to various interests. Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the presence of athletic fields and tennis courts, providing ample opportunities for a friendly match or a game of soccer. For those who prefer to explore the outdoors on two wheels, there are biking trails to traverse and soak in the scenic surroundings.

For the young and young at heart, Bayside Park boasts a wonderful playground where children can have hours of fun. Additionally, thrill-seekers can try their skills at the park’s skatepark, perfect for skateboarders and BMX riders looking for a place to practice their moves.

Photographers will find Bayside Park to be a treasure trove of scenic beauty in Chittenden County. The park’s location on the shores of Malletts Bay and Lake Champlain provides stunning vistas that are especially captivating during sunrise and sunset. The play of light and the ever-changing colors of the lake make it an ideal spot to capture the beauty of nature. During the summer, the active boating scene on the lake adds an extra layer of interest and charm for photographers and spectators alike.

Conveniently, Bayside Park offers ample parking for visitors. A large parking lot is located on West Lakeshore Drive, just across the street from the beach. The best part is that parking at Bayside Park is free, making it accessible to everyone looking to enjoy a day in this scenic paradise.

Whether you’re seeking a relaxing day at the beach, an active sports session, a family outing, or a serene spot to capture stunning photographs, Bayside Park on Malletts Bay in Colchester, Vermont, has something for everyone. Its combination of natural beauty and recreational amenities makes it a must-visit destination for residents and visitors looking to immerse themselves in the beauty and leisure opportunities that this lakeside park has to offer.


Address: West Lakeshore Drive, Colchester, Vermont
Place GPS Coordinates: 44.545028, -73.215389
Parking GPS Coordinates: 44.545028, -73.215389
Parking Notes: There is a large parking lot located across West Lakeshore Drive from the park. Parking is free and is also used by visitors of the Bayside Park fields, skatepark, and playground.

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