Beecher Cascade

Bethlehem, New Hampshire
Beecher Cascade is a lovely waterfall in Bethlehem, New Hampshire near the Crawford Notch Depot. It drops about 35 feet along Crawford Brook.
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Beecher Cascade is a lovely waterfall located in Bethlehem, New Hampshire near the Crawford Notch Depot. The waterfall has a total height of 35 feet and can be found along Crawford Brook. Crawford Brook flows strongest during spring when the snow melts. It is best to view Beecher Cascade while the brook is flowing strongest, so it’s recommended to visit during the months of March, April, and May. That said, the cascade is a wonderful location to visit year-round.

The waterfall itself drops in a unique horsetail formation. It sits within a tall gorge which makes it rather dramatic. Just a few hundred feet upstream is Pearl Cascades which is another wonderful waterfall.

Accessing the waterfall is relatively easy. Beacher Cascade is located in Crawford Notch State Park which features a well-marked trail system. Visitors can park at the Crawford Notch Depot and then hike 0.4 miles one way to the falls. Much of the hike is on the Avalon Trail with a short walk on the Cascade Loop too.

To reach Pearl Cascade, continue hiking up for another 0.15 miles. In total, to visit both waterfalls the hike is 1.10 miles out-and-back with 204 feet of elevation gain. Dogs are also allowed on the trail and through the entirety of Crawford Notch State Park.


Address: Crawford Notch Road (US 302), Bethlehem, New Hampshire
Place GPS Coordinates: 44.215804, -71.417612
Parking GPS Coordinates: 44.215804, -71.417612
Parking Notes: Parking is available at the Crawford Notch Depot located just off US 302 which is also known as Crawford Notch Road. There are over 100 spots at the depot. Additional parking can be found at the AMC Highland Center.

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