Blueberry Mountain

Benton, New Hampshire
In the Benton Range, Blueberry Mountain might be modest in height, standing at 2,662 feet, but it holds a charm that beckons adventurers.
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Nestled adjacent to Jeffers Mountain in the Benton Range, Blueberry Mountain might be modest in height, standing at 2,662 feet, but it holds a charm that beckons the adventurous at heart. This small bump on the landscape boasts a clean prominence of 42 feet, and while the summit itself offers limited views, the scattered ledges across the mountain unveil picturesque panoramas in various directions.

Embarking on the most popular route, adventurers ascend Blueberry Mountain from the east side, immersing themselves in the subtle beauty of the Benton Range. However, the true spectacle awaits on the west ledges, a less-traveled path that reveals the mountain’s splendor. While the summit remains mostly wooded, the west ledges paint a captivating picture of the surrounding landscapes.

To conquer this hidden gem, intrepid hikers follow the Blueberry Mountain Trail, a 3.3-mile trek that winds through the enchanting wilderness, featuring an elevation gain of 1,085 feet. Rated as moderate, the trail unfolds over rocky terrain and exposed granite slabs, demanding sturdy footwear with excellent traction. Although the majority of the trail is well-marked, a keen eye is required to spot the side trail leading to the summit.

As the trail weaves through the forested landscape, the captivating scenery unfolds, preparing hikers for the grandeur awaiting them on the west ledges. The hike typically takes around 2 hours to complete, offering a delightful blend of challenge and natural beauty. Visitors are encouraged to exercise caution, especially during the short section to the summit, where attention to the trail markers becomes crucial.

The trailhead, situated on Blueberry Mountain Road in Benton, New Hampshire, marks the starting point for this off-the-beaten-path adventure. Despite its scenic allure, Blueberry Mountain Trail remains less frequented, ensuring that ample parking is usually available. So, for those seeking a tranquil escape into nature’s embrace, Blueberry Mountain presents an inviting challenge, promising a rewarding journey through rocky trails and serene landscapes.


Address: Long Pond Road, Benton, New Hampshire
Place GPS Coordinates: 44.019500, -71.905083
Parking GPS Coordinates: 44.019500, -71.905083
Parking Notes: There is a small parking lot at the Blueberry Mountain Trailhead located just off Long Pond Road in Benton, NH. Parking is free.

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