Boulder Beach

Bar Harbor, Maine
Boulder Beach earns its name from its mesmerizing expanse of thousands upon thousands of boulders, harmoniously arranged within a 400-foot cove.
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Boulder Beach, nestled within the scenic embrace of Acadia National Park, stands as one of the park’s most captivating destinations. This beach earns its name from the remarkable feature that sets it apart—a mesmerizing expanse of thousands upon thousands of boulders, harmoniously arranged within a 400-foot cove. These boulders vary in size, ranging from massive to petite, yet each bears the unmistakable mark of their aquatic transformation—smooth, sculpted by the ceaseless caress of ocean waves. This unique landscape makes Boulder Beach a true gem of Acadia.

One of the cherished traditions among visitors to Boulder Beach is stacking these smooth rocks, creating intricate towers that stand as ephemeral testaments to nature’s artistry. The gentle sound of stones clicking into place accompanies this tranquil activity, offering a meditative experience amid the serene surroundings.

What truly sets Boulder Beach apart is its relatively peaceful atmosphere. Crowds are rarely a concern here, making it an ideal escape for those seeking solitude amidst the grandeur of Acadia National Park. For those seeking the most enchanting experience, the early morning hours often provide an unmatched spectacle. As the sun ascends, its warm light bathes the rugged coastal cliffs, casting an ethereal glow that accentuates the boulders’ beauty.

Boulder Beach’s location along the Ocean Path trail enhances its accessibility. Positioned just south of the renowned Thunder Hole and north of the majestic Otter Cliffs, it offers an enchanting stop along this picturesque route. Two convenient parking lots are situated nearby. The first can be found along Park Loop Road before reaching the beach, providing straightforward access. The second option is the Otter Cliff Overlook parking lot, a short walk away, ensuring that visitors can effortlessly reach this natural wonder.

While Boulder Beach is a marvel to behold, it’s important to note that swimming is not advisable due to the challenging surf conditions, rocky terrain, and absence of lifeguard services or amenities. Instead, this beach invites exploration, meditation, and a profound connection with the captivating beauty of Acadia National Park’s coastline.


Address: Park Loop Road, Bar Harbor, Maine
Place GPS Coordinates: 44.313810, -68.190831
Parking GPS Coordinates: 44.313810, -68.190831
Parking Notes: There are two parking lots near Boulder Beach. One is located before the beach along Park Loop Road. The second closest lot is the Otter Cliff Overlook located further down the road, just a short walk away.

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