Brockways Mills Falls

Rockingham, Vermont
Brockways Mills Falls is a beautiful waterfall in Rockingham, Vermont. The falls cascade about 40 feet below a dam along the Williams River.
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Brockways Mills Falls is a beautiful waterfall located in Rockingham, Vermont. The waterfall drops about 40 feet in total and it can be found along the Williams River. Williams River features great water flow year-round. For this reason, the waterfall is a wonderful place to visit any day of the year as it’s nearly always roaring.

The waterfall itself drops in a unique formation. The top of the waterfall is a 10-foot dam and below the dam are 30 feet of cascades. It is a nice mix of natural and manmade.

Accessing the waterfall is relatively super easy. The waterfall is located right off Brockways Mills Road. From the road, only a limited view of the falls can be seen. It is best to park in the dirt lot and then walk less than 100 feet to get a good view of the waterfall. Be careful while exploring the waterfall considering there are some steep cliffs. Adventurous visitors can go to the base of the falls and admire the full glory.

Ultimately, this is a wonderful roadside waterfall in Vermont, and exploring it is a fun family-friendly adventure!


Address: Brockways Mills Road, Rockingham, Vermont
Place GPS Coordinates: 43.208528, -72.517139
Parking GPS Coordinates: 43.208528, -72.517139
Parking Notes: Parking is available right off the road in a good-sized dirt lot. The parking area is just a few steps from the waterfall. Parking is free.

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