Camden Harbor

Camden, Maine
Nestled along Penobscot Bay, Camden Harbor stands as one of Maine’s most beloved harbors, loved by locals and tourists alike.
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Nestled along the picturesque shores of Penobscot Bay, Camden Harbor stands as one of Maine’s most beloved and captivating harbors, cherished by locals and tourists alike. Located just north of Ogier Point, this charming harbor is the beating heart of the vibrant town of Camden. Renowned for its stunning natural beauty and a wealth of maritime activities, Camden Harbor beckons seafarers and landlubbers alike to its welcoming shores.

When it comes to marine services and marina facilities, Camden Harbor boasts three primary destinations. The Wayfarer Marine Corp, the largest among them, offers haul-out services, repairs, fueling options, and transient slips, ensuring that sailors have everything they need for a smooth voyage. The Camden Town Docks may have transient slips available, while the private Camden Yacht Club might extend reciprocal privileges to members of participating yacht clubs.

The harbor’s allure extends beyond its glistening waters, as it is surrounded by an array of enticing experiences. Camden’s waterfront is dotted with an array of top-notch restaurants, scenic trails, charming shops, and boat charters, making it a haven for both relaxation and adventure.

For food enthusiasts, Camden Harbor boasts some must-visit restaurants. Marriner’s Restaurant is celebrated for its delightful diner-style cuisine, serving up quintessential Maine fare like blueberry pancakes and lobster rolls. Peter Ott’s on the Water is another culinary gem, offering fresh, quality seafood paired with breathtaking waterfront views. And for a sweet treat, River Ducks Ice Cream promises both traditional and soft-serve delights.

Outdoor enthusiasts can explore the natural wonders of Camden Hills State Park, where the Mount Battie Trail offers a popular 1.1-mile hike with sweeping views of the harbor and Penobscot Bay. If hiking isn’t your thing, Camden Harbor Park provides equally stunning waterfront vistas.

One of the best ways to soak in the area’s beauty is by embarking on a sightseeing cruise, and Camden Harbor Cruises is the go-to choice. From lobstering and eco-tours to lighthouse excursions and sunset cruises, they offer a variety of tours to choose from. The Sunday Morning Lighthouse Cruise, taking guests to some of Camden’s most iconic lighthouses, is a particular standout.

To complete your Camden Harbor experience, consider staying at one of the town’s exceptional hotels. Camden Harbour Inn, 16 Bayview, and the Lord Camden Inn are just a few of the outstanding accommodations that ensure your visit to this enchanting harbor is nothing short of unforgettable. Camden Harbor is more than a destination; it’s a maritime masterpiece waiting to be explored and cherished.


Address: Main Street, Camden, Maine
Place GPS Coordinates: 44.210083, -69.062750
Parking GPS Coordinates: 44.210083, -69.062750
Parking Notes: There are many free parking spaces close to Camden Harbor. There are free street parking spaces throughout Camden on Main Street, Mechanic Street, Bay View Street, and others. Furthermore, there is a free waterfront parking lot off Commercial Street called the Camden Public Landing lot.

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