Camden Harbor

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Camden Harbor in Camden, Maine, is one of Maine’s most picturesque locations. Camden Harbor is the epitome of what a Maine boating community is recognized for. The port is home to some of the best ships, yachts, and Windjammers in the world, all of which are usually docked right on the waterfront. Camden is located on Penobscot Bay, which is regarded as one of the best cruising bays on Earth by many seafarers.

Taking a short sightseeing tour or day sail around Camden Harbor is a terrific way to experience the harbor. Several businesses provide sightseeing tours that include the opportunity to see Curtis Island Lighthouse as well as other lighthouses and the deserted islands in the area. Rentals of kayaks and paddleboards are also available from several vendors. Be sure to check out Curtis Island Lighthouse at the entrance to the harbor if you make it out to sea!

You will find plenty of free parking, shops, and restaurants all around Camden Harbor.

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  • Town: Camden
  • State: Maine
  • GPS: Lat 44.20023 Lng -69.07599
  • Parking notes: There are many free parking spaces close to Camden Harbor. There are free street parking spaces throughout Camden on Main Street, Mechanic Street, Bay View Street, and others. Furthermore, there is a free waterfront parking lot off Commercial Street called the Camden Public Landing lot.
  • Parking directions: HERE
  • Location directions: HERE

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    Camden Maine

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