Lighthouse Beach Shack (aka Occupy Chatham South Beach)


The Lighthouse Beach Shack, also known as the Occupy Chatham South Beach, is an iconic Cape Cod structure on the shores of Lighthouse Beach in Chatham, Massachusetts. 

The beginnings of this shack are unclear, but it is thought to have begun as a two-seat outhouse built on North Beach Island and later swept into the ocean during a storm. The outhouse then floated to South Beach, where it was discovered by a group of friends while walking their dogs. This group then supported the shed against some other debris they had discovered, snapped a few photos, and proceeded on their way. They later returned with some tools to strengthen the structure and to add some more pieces. More people discovered the structure over the next few months, adding more pieces and expanding it.

The name “Occupy Chatham South Beach” refers to a dispute between the town of Chatham and officials from the Cape Cod National Seashore over control of South Beach. There has been some beach squabbling in recent years, and the founders have renamed the project “Occupy Chatham South Beach” to highlight the controversy.

The structure has grown to the point where it can be seen on Google Earth and has become a local beach landmark since then. It is an iconic spot to take a selfie at or even get engaged! Locals still help to maintain the shack and keep an American flag flying over it at all times. When erosion causes it to become too close to the water, it is moved back.

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Lighthouse Beach Shack Location

  • Address: Lighthouse Beach
  • Town: Chatham
  • State: Massachusetts
  • GPS: Lat 41.66644 Lng -69.94688
  • Parking Notes: The Chatham Beach Shack is located about .25 miles from the Chatham Lighthouse parking lot off Main Street. There are 44 parking spots located at the Lighthouse Overlook which is free for 30 minutes. Parking violations are strictly enforced at the overlook.
  • Parking Directions: HERE
  • Location Directions: HERE


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