Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park


The Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park in Boston’s North End is a beautiful public park. The Park’s green lawns, trellises, flowerbeds, and plenty of shade trees make it a spectacular environment that everyone can enjoy. The park’s numerous benches, strolling trails, and playground ensure that both young and old may enjoy everything it has to offer.

The Massachusetts State Council of the Knights of Columbus, according to a self-published book, voted in 1967 to establish a non-profit business to provide affordable homes. They were chosen by the Boston Redevelopment Authority to develop a parcel, but the Supreme Council of the Order objected. Instead, in honor of their patron, Christopher Columbus, the Massachusetts State Council built the Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park.

According to other sources, the park was originally named Waterfront Park and was planned by local banker Frank S. Christian (d. 1970). The addition of an Italian marble statue of Columbus was entirely impromptu, and the park was only renamed for Christopher Columbus because of the efforts of local provocateur Arthur Stivaletta and the approval of Mayor Kevin White in the weeks leading up to his 1979 reelection with newfound Italian-American support.

The park was criticized by the director of the Massachusetts Historical Society in 1999 as a bad use of city resources with inappropriate symbolism. The director pointed out that Boston had no link to Christopher Columbus. He suggested that the area be restored to honor its past as a fishing wharf.

The Columbus statue has been defaced several times, including in 2004 with red paint and the word “murderer,” in 2006 when it was beheaded for the first time, and in 2015 when it was spray-painted with “Black Lives Matter.” The headpiece of the statue of Columbus was recently taken and stolen in the early morning hours of June 9, 2020. Mayor Marty Walsh said the statue’s remaining parts will be removed and stored. The city then considered whether the Italian marble statue would be placed in the high-profile site in the future. Walsh indicated a few days before Columbus Day 2020 that the statue will not be returning. He said that it might be replaced with one honoring Italian immigration to America during the American Revolution.

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  • Address: 110 Atlantic Ave
  • Town: Boston
  • State: Massachusetts
  • GPS: Lat 42.36108 Lng -71.05154
  • Parking notes: The are metered along Atlantic Ave which is right near the park, There are also several parking lots. 286 Commercial St Parking and Sargent’s Wharf Public Parking are two great lots.
  • Parking directions: Multiple
  • Location directions: HERE

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