Colby Farm

Newbury, Massachusetts
Established in 1960, Colby Farm is a family-run farm that has been a local favorite for generations. It is a true gem of Newbury, Massachusetts.
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Nestled conveniently between I-95 and Route 1 in the charming town of Newbury, Massachusetts, Colby Farm is a delightful destination just a quick 45-minute trip from Boston, accessible both by car and commuter rail. Established in 1960, this family-run farm has been a local favorite for generations.

Colby Farm is a haven for those seeking the freshest and most delicious locally grown produce. While the farm encompasses 200 acres of picturesque hayfields, approximately 20 acres are dedicated to cultivating a diverse range of vegetables and herbs. During harvest season, these twenty acres yield a bountiful array of vibrant, healthy produce that promises to surpass the taste of typical supermarket offerings where produce is often flown hundred, if not thousands, or miles to get to the store.

Beyond its exceptional produce and beautiful flowers, Colby Farm offers a wide variety of locally sourced goods. In 2012, they upgraded to a new farmstand, expanding both their legroom and shelf space, making it a one-stop-shop for all your culinary needs. Despite these improvements, Colby Farm remains true to its roots as an honest, friendly, and family-run business.

Colby Farm is renowned for originating the quintessential New England sunflower experience. Each summer, tens of thousands of sunflowers are planted and when they bloom they create a mesmerizing spectacle that visitors describe as surreal. It’s the perfect destination for families, photographers, and anyone looking to share a special moment. Typically open in late August, there’s no event or ticket cost, just a $10 cash-only parking fee. To secure a spot, it’s recommended to arrive early, as the parking lots tend to fill up quickly. Walking through the Colby Farm sunflower fields is truly an unforgettable experience.

Whether you’re in search of farm-fresh produce, a picturesque sunflower field, or a slice of authentic New England charm, Colby Farm in Newbury, Massachusetts, is a must-visit destination that has been delivering quality and memorable experiences since 1960.


Address: 50 Scotland Road, Newbury, Massachusetts
Place GPS Coordinates: 42.791649, -70.897471
Parking GPS Coordinates: 42.791649, -70.897471
Parking Notes: Colby Farm is known for having on of the most beautiful sunflower displays in New England. During the season, the farm opens up a large parking field and charges $10-$20 for parking. Outside of sunflower season, there is a small parking lot at the farm stand and parking is free.

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