Community Church of Sandwich


The Community Church of Sandwich was a typical 18th century meetinghouse when it was first completed in 1792 under the supervision of Ezekiel French. The structure was shifted southwest towards the main crossroads in 1847, reduced four feet, and reconstructed as a Greek Revival church. In 1862, a bell and a spire were erected. The spire was rebuilt in the Colonial Revival style under the supervision of architect J. Randolph Coolidge in 1925, with an electric clock installed. (Source)

Today, the Community Church of Sandwich operates as a Christian congregation serving the Sandwich community. The community church offers worship during the summer months (beginning in May) every Sunday at 10am.

Also, be sure to check out the cemetery! The Rural Cemetery, which existed before the Baptist Church was established in 1792 and is located behind the Baptist Church on Church Street. Ruth Tappan Abbott is the oldest known burial, marked only by a fieldstone, as was the tradition at the time. In 1785, she passed away. Hundreds more others were buried long before the Church was erected, and their fieldstone markers are now nothing more than shadows of what they once were, having weathered 300 years of New England weather. It is truly a very old burying site.

There are many great spots to go explore near the church. Beede Falls is an iconic waterfall located in Sandwich, West Rattlesnake Mountian is just west of Sandwich, and the Wonalancet Union Church is just east.


Community Church of Sandwich Location

  • Address: 12 Church St
  • Town: Sandwich
  • State: New Hampshire
  • GPS: Lat 43.80808 Lng -71.43903
  • Parking Notes: There are about 2 dozen parking spots in front of the church. Additional parking can be found along Main St.
  • Parking Directions: HERE
  • Location Directions: HERE


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