Contoocook Railroad Depot

Hopkinton, New Hampshire
The Contoocook Railroad Depot is a historic train depot in the village of Contoocook in Hopkinton, New Hampshire. It was established in 1849.
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Contoocook Railroad Depot is a historic railroad depot located in Hopkinton, New Hampshire in the village of Contoocook. Being one of the first significant railroad passenger stations west of Concord on the Concord and Claremont Railroad, the depot was finished in 1849. The structure is one of the few gable-roofed train stations from New Hampshire’s first ten years of rail expansion that has been kept in the best condition. The station serves as an example of the state’s early development of rail transportation.

It is one of New Hampshire’s earliest and least changed depots from the 1850s. The depot is a significant item in the development of railroad architecture in New Hampshire, displaying the Greek Revival style with alterations that announce its identity as a new building type.

The railroad depot, train car, and land are owned by the Contoocook Riverway Association, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation that was established in 1999. The historic Contoocook Railroad Depot and covered railroad bridge underwent a significant rehabilitation operation in the summer of 2002 to bring them back to their 1910 appearances. Federal subsidies provided through the New Hampshire Department of Transportation and contributions from the local community helped pay for the $400,000 rehabilitation effort. The depot was added to the National Register of Historic Places on March 16, 2006. Its reference number, assigned by the National Park Service, is 06000131.

Currently, the depot doubles as a museum and visitor center. It’s open on the weekends and on a few weekdays. 2013 saw the second level undergo renovations that added a meeting space, museum exhibits, archives of historical documents, and a new bathroom. Within the structure is an elevator that provides access to the second floor for those with disabilities.


Address: 896 Main Street, Hopkinton, New Hampshire
Place GPS Coordinates: 43.222784, -71.713177
Parking GPS Coordinates: 43.222784, -71.713177
Parking Notes: Parking is available right next to the depot. Parking is free and ample.

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