Copley Square

Boston, Massachusetts
Copley Square in Boston’s Back Bay, stands as one of the city’s most significant and one of its beloved gathering places.
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Copley Square, nestled in Boston’s vibrant Back Bay neighborhood, stands as one of the city’s most significant and beloved gathering places. This historic plaza derives its name from John Singleton Copley, a renowned portrait painter born in Boston in 1738, who made an indelible mark on American art. However, its history extends further back, as before 1883, it was known as Art Square due to the numerous cultural institutions that dot its surroundings.

Today, Copley Square is considered for official Boston Landmark status, a testament to its importance in the city’s cultural landscape. The square boasts a variety of features that make it a hub of activity and a cherished destination for both residents and visitors.

Among its notable features are a statue of John Singleton Copley himself, commemorating the accomplished artist’s contributions to American artistry. The Tortoise and Hare sculpture adds a whimsical touch, and the square’s water fountains provide a soothing backdrop. Benches invite people to pause, relax, and take in the urban oasis. On select days, Copley Square comes alive with vibrant farmers’ markets, showcasing the region’s finest produce and goods.

Copley Square is not just a standalone destination; it is surrounded by iconic buildings and areas that enhance its appeal. To the east, the grand Trinity Church graces the skyline. The classic Copley Square Hotel anchors the southern edge, offering a luxurious stay for visitors. On the western side, the splendid Public Library, inspired by the palaces of Florence, stands as a testament to Boston’s commitment to culture and education. To the north, Boylston Street beckons with its array of shops and boutiques. Nearby, the John Hancock building adds a modern touch to the historic surroundings.

Copley Square is a year-round delight, with the park embracing each season with festive plantings and decor. Spring blooms with stunning daffodils and tulips, while summer and fall showcase a vibrant array of flowers, from hydrangeas to roses. No matter the time of year, the square’s charm remains ever-present.

This beloved square is a favorite among both tourists and locals. Its timeless beauty and rich history make it a captivating spot for photographers seeking to capture the essence of Boston’s cultural heart.

For those traveling to Copley Square by car, metered street parking spaces are plentiful along Clarendon Street, Newbury Street, Boylston Street, and other nearby streets. Additionally, several parking garages in the vicinity, including the Clarendon Street Garage, Back Bay Garage, and Prudential Center Parking Garage, provide convenient options for visitors exploring this vibrant and historic area of Boston.


Address: Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts
Place GPS Coordinates: 42.349809, -71.076641
Parking GPS Coordinates: 42.349809, -71.076641
Parking Notes: There are many metered street parking spaces near Copley Square on Clarendon St, Newbury St, Boylston St, etc. Additionally, there are many parking garages in the area including the Clarendon Street Garage, Back Bay Garage and Prudential Center Parking Garage.

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