East Putney Brook Falls

Westminster, Vermont
East Putney Brook Falls is a pretty little waterfall in Westminster, Vermont. The falls drop 5 feet and feature a wonderful swimming pool.
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East Putney Brook Falls is a pretty little waterfall located in Westminster, Vermont. The waterfall drops just about 5 feet and it can be found along East Putney Brook. This brook features pretty solid water flow year-round, but the flow is strongest during the spring when the winter thaw occurs. That said, the waterfall is a fun spot to check out any day of the year.

The waterfall itself is made up of beautiful cascades which drop into a large pool. This pool is pretty deep and relatively clean. For this reason, some locals do enjoy swimming here during the summer.

Accessing the waterfall is super easy. The waterfall is located just off Patch Road in Westminster. Visitors can park along the side of the road and then walk down to the falls. There is a small trail to the falls, but nothing too official. Ultimately, this is a fun lowkey waterfall to check out.


Address: Patch Road, Westminster, Vermont
Place GPS Coordinates: 43.050139, -72.529083
Parking GPS Coordinates: 43.050139, -72.529083
Parking Notes: There is a small dirt parking area located along the south side of Patch Road in Westminster. This parking area is just a few feet from the waterfall.

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