Eastside Road Bridge

Woodstock, New Hampshire
The Eastside Road Bridge in Woodstock, New Hampshire is a beautiful copper-hued structure that gracefully spans the legendary Pemigewasset River.
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The Eastside Road Bridge in Woodstock, New Hampshire, stands as a testament to both functionality and aesthetics, a beautiful copper-hued structure that gracefully spans the Pemigewasset River. This picturesque bridge serves as a vital link for Eastside Road, providing safe passage over the river while also offering an exquisite view of its own.

Constructed with meticulous attention to detail, the Eastside Road Bridge is a striking example of architectural artistry. Its distinctive green-copper facade, which ages gracefully with time, lends a unique character to this New Hampshire gem. This copper patina not only adds to the bridge’s visual allure but also serves as protection against the elements, ensuring the longevity of this vital structure.

Measuring an impressive 100 feet in length and spanning a width of 30 feet, the bridge accommodates two lanes of traffic with ease. Its functional design prioritizes the smooth flow of vehicles, ensuring safe and efficient transportation across the Pemigewasset River.

Adding to its charm and functionality, the Eastside Road Bridge features two small pedestrian walkways on either side. These walkways allow pedestrians to traverse the bridge safely, taking in the scenic beauty of the Pemigewasset River and its surroundings at a leisurely pace.

One of the bridge’s best-kept secrets is the enchanting view it offers from its shores. Strolling down to the river’s edge, visitors can enjoy an unobstructed perspective of the Eastside Road Bridge, capturing the full grandeur of this copper-clad masterpiece against the backdrop of the flowing Pemigewasset River. It’s a sight that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

The Eastside Road Bridge stands as not only a functional structure but also a work of art. Its copper exterior, complemented by its efficient design, serves as a symbol of Woodstock’s commitment to both form and function. As you traverse this remarkable bridge or pause to admire it from the riverbanks, take a moment to appreciate the harmonious blend of engineering and aesthetics that makes the Eastside Road Bridge a true treasure of New Hampshire.


Address: Eastside Road (Route 175), Woodstock, New Hampshire
Place GPS Coordinates: 44.022052, -71.682087
Parking GPS Coordinates: 44.022052, -71.682087
Parking Notes: There are several spots to park on the side of Old Dump Road. Located just a few yards east of the bridge.

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