Eunice Williams Covered Bridge


The Eunice Williams Covered Bridge is a haunted covered bridge located in Greenfield, Massachusetts. It is also referred to as the Green River Pumping Station Bridge. Over the years, the Eunice Williams Covered Bridge has been restored and repaired multiple times. The bridge is in excellent condition now. It was rebuilt in 1972 after the original was destroyed by fire. The original was built in the 1870s. Due to natural degradation on the structure, it was then closed to vehicular traffic in 2002. Hurricane Irene wreaked havoc on it in 2011, and it was shortly closed to foot usage. It reopened to both automobile and pedestrian traffic in November 2014, following extensive improvements.

History Behind The Name

On the morning of February 29, 1704, it was still dark when 300 warriors from the French Army and their Abenaki and Mohawk allies snuck into nearby Deerfield. Queen Anne’s War was a battle for dominance of the continent between the French and the British. Houses were looted and torched, livestock was killed, 56 inhabitants were murdered, and 112 were apprehended before the small New England community even realized what had happened. Those 112 (or, more accurately, those who would make it) would spend the next few months hiking to Canada.

The reverend John Williams, five of his seven children, and his wife, Eunice, were among the 112 taken. Eunice was in no condition to travel to Canada at the time because she had just given birth the day before. The infant did not make it through the attack.

Eunice passed out while the group was crossing the Green River. This was the first challenging spot to navigate on the journey to Canada. The warriors were told to kill anyone who couldn’t keep up, and she fit the bill after falling on the first leg of the journey. She was killed by a tomahawk not far from her surviving children and husband. This occurred right near where the covered bridge now stands.

A small memorial plaque was erected near the river where she was killed. It was added in 1834.

Covered Bridge Specs

  • Constructed: 1870 (replaced 1972)
  • Design/Style: Howe through truss
  • Total length: 94 feet
  • Total width: 28 feet
  • Carries: Eunice Williams Dr
  • Crosses: Green River
  • Usage: Open to vehicles
  • World Guide Number: 21-06-02 #2


  • Address: Eunice Williams Dr
  • Town: Greenfield
  • State: Massachusetts
  • GPS: Lat 42.64653 Lng -72.62016
  • Parking notes: Parking for the Eunice Williams Covered Bridge (aka Green River Pumping Station Bridge) is located at the split of Green River Rd and Eunice Williams Dr. The dirt parking area has about a half dozen parking spots and is located a quarter mile from the covered bridge.
  • Parking directions: HERE
  • Location directions: HERE

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