Falls Of Lana


Falls Of Lana is a stunning 5-star-rated waterfall located in Salisbury, Vermont. This beautiful waterfall has a total height of over 100 feet and it can be found along Sucker Brook. Sucker Brook features medium water flow year-round, but it flows strongest during the spring when the snow is thawing. For this reason, the Falls Of Lana can often be seen roaring during the months of April, May, and June. That said, the Falls of Lana is well worth visiting on any day of the year.

The waterfall itself drops in a unique formation consisting of horsetails and cascades. There are two main sections that make up the waterfall. The upper section of the waterfall features two back-to-back horsetail style falls which drop about 20-25 feet. The lower section of the falls features about 35 feet of lovely slides and cascades. To round things out, there are a few more cascades downstream. 

When it comes to swimming at Falls Of Lana, we rate this waterfall as outstanding. There is a wonderful pool below the upper falls which is a nice size, deep enough, and often clear. This pool benefits from having lots of natural light and good circulation. The lower section of the falls also has a nice pool and several other swimming holes can be found downstream. Ultimately, Falls Of Lana is a popular swimming spot among locals and visitors should definitely pack their bathing suits during the summer!

When it comes to accessibility, the Falls of Lana are easy to access. Visitors can park in the dedicated parking lot found along Lake Dunmore Road. The parking area is right across the street from Branbury State Park. Parking here is free. After parking, visitors can hike about a half-mile to the waterfall. In conclusion, this is a great family-friendly, and dog-friendly place to explore!


Waterfall Specs

  • Height: 100+ feet
  • Type: Horsetails and cascades
  • Water Source: Sucker Brook
  • Swimming: Outstanding

Falls Of Lana Location

  • Park: Moosalamoo National Recreation Area
  • Address: Lake Dunmore Road
  • Town: Salisbury
  • State: Vermont
  • GPS: 43.904190, -73.062694
  • Parking Notes: There is a dedicated parking area for the waterfall located just off Lake Dunmore Road. Parking here is free. On warm summer days, the parking lot does get busy. When this happens, there are several other parking areas nearby to utilize. Great alternatives can be found at the Silver Lake Trailhead and at Branbury State Park.
  • Parking Directions: HERE
  • Location Directions: HERE


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