Fenway Park

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Fenway Park is a historic and active baseball stadium located in Boston, Massachusetts near Kenmore Square. 

Owner John I. Taylor bought the land bordered by Brookline Avenue, Jersey Street, Van Ness Street, and Lansdowne Street in 1911, while the Boston Red Sox baseball team was still playing on the old Huntington Avenue Field. Taylor used this new plot of land to have Fenway Park constructed which would be far larger than the original Red Sox field.  Fenway Park first opened its doors on April 20, 1912, and like many other great ballparks, it was built on an asymmetrical block, resulting in asymmetry in the field measurements. The park was planned by architect James E. McLaughlin, and the Charles Logue Building Company was the general contractor.

The stadium was originally erected in 1912, but it was considerably restored in 1934, and major restorations and alterations were made in the twenty-first century. It is MLB’s oldest and most active ballpark. The park boasts numerous odd characteristics, including “The Triangle,” Pesky’s Pole, and the Green Monster in left field, due to its antiquity and confined position in Boston’s busy Fenway–Kenmore area. It has the fifth-smallest seating capacity, the second-smallest total capacity, and is one of just eight MLB ballparks that can’t hold more than 40,000 people. Fenway Park has hosted boxing, soccer, and American football games in addition to baseball games. It is also a common concert, event, and graduation space. 

The park was added to the National Register of Historic Places on March 7, 2012, the centenary year of Fenway Park. Fenway Park is known as “America’s Most Beloved Ballpark,” and former pitcher Bill Lee has described it as “a shrine.” It is a pending Boston Landmark, and any future improvements to the park will be governed by it. The ballpark is regarded as a symbol of Boston and one of the most well-known sports arenas in the world. Tours of Fenway Park are offered year-round. Learn more HERE.

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Historic Specs

  • Opened: 1912
  • Original function: Baseball stadium
  • Architect(s): McLaughlin, J.E.; Bowditch, Arthur and Osborn Engineering Company; Coleman
  • Year added to NRHP: 2012
  • NRHP number: 12000069
  • Status: Public
  • Admission cost: Tours of Fenway Park are available year-round and cost $21 for adults and $15 for kids (12 and under). Public Tours depart at the top of each hour. Learn more at https://www.mlb.com/redsox/ballpark/tours


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