Fisherman’s Point (Willard Beach Shacks)

South Portland, Maine
Fisherman’s Point in South Portland, Maine is a captivating public park that beckons visitors with its unique blend of history and natural beauty.
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Fisherman’s Point, situated just south of the picturesque Willard Beach in South Portland, Maine, is a captivating public park that beckons visitors with its unique blend of history and natural beauty. Accessible via the beach or a stroll down Deake Street, the park is famed for its historic fishing shacks, which have become beloved subjects for photographers and history enthusiasts alike. These charming shacks, antiques from bygone eras, were originally constructed to house fishermen’s supplies, such as nets, lobster traps, and other essential materials. While these shacks have retired from their original purpose, they remain standing, inviting the public to explore their nostalgic charm.

The vistas from Fisherman’s Point are nothing short of breathtaking. On clear days, visitors are treated to sweeping views of the myriad islands dotting the waters off the coast of Portland, Maine. The ever-present presence of fishing boats, sailboats, and ferries adds to the dynamic maritime atmosphere.

When it comes to parking, the Willard Beach parking lot on Willow Street serves as the ideal gateway to Fisherman’s Point and the beach shacks. Offering approximately 40 free parking spaces, it provides a convenient starting point for your journey. From there, you can embark on a leisurely stroll, first to Willard Beach and then up to the enchanting Fisherman’s Point. It’s a delightful destination where history, nature, and coastal charm converge, creating a memorable experience for all who venture there.


Address: Deake Street, South Portland, Maine
Place GPS Coordinates: 43.641754, -70.224474
Parking GPS Coordinates: 43.641754, -70.224474
Parking Notes: The Willard Beach parking lot is the best option for accessing Fisherman’s Point and the beach shack. The parking lot is located on Willow Street and it offers about 40 free parking spaces. You can then walk from the parking lot to Willard Beach and then up to Fisherman’s Point.

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