Fort Greble Powerhouse

Dutch Island, Jamestown, Rhode Island
The abandoned Fort Greble Powerhouse on Dutch Island off Jamestown, Rhode Island is a fascinating place for urban exploring.
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The Fort Greble Powerhouse on Dutch Island, Rhode Island, presents a fascinating, albeit challenging exploration opportunity for those intrigued by abandoned and obscure places. Nestled in the remnants of a bygone era, this structure offers a silent narrative of historical military operations, hidden away from the bustling world.

Built in 1901 during the Endicott Period of Coastal Fortifications, the Fort Greble Powerhouse was a pivotal facility, powering the adjacent Battery Sedgwick and other nearby structures. Crafted from reinforced concrete, the powerhouse was strategically placed to shield it from potential enemy fire. In its operational days, coal-fired boilers generated steam to power the generators, supplying the fort with its necessary electricity.

Today, the Fort Greble Powerhouse stands desolate, a relic of the past gradually yielding to nature’s reclaim. Visitors who venture onto Dutch Island can explore the structure, walking around and inside its weathered walls. The internal remnants hint at its once bustling activity; mounts where boilers once stood and vents through which fumes were expelled are now empty echoes of the past. The large chimney, still visible from a distance, serves as a reminder of the powerhouse’s former industrial might.

Accessing the Fort Greble Powerhouse is an adventure in itself. Located on Dutch Island, off Jamestown, Rhode Island, the only way to reach this hidden gem is by water. Intrepid explorers can launch kayaks, paddleboards, or canoes from nearby Fort Getty State Park, which, during the summer months, charges an entrance fee. Once on the island, adventurers must navigate through dense vegetation, a journey that is not for the faint-hearted. The path to the powerhouse is unmarked, requiring bushwhacking and careful navigation.

It’s crucial to come prepared for the expedition. Wearing long pants is advisable to protect against the prickly underbrush and the numerous deer ticks prevalent on the island. Bug spray is a must-have to ward off the insects. The island, with its serene natural beauty, is often frequented by deer, adding to the allure of the location.

The Fort Greble Powerhouse is a place of solitude and quiet reflection, far removed from the crowded tourist spots. The likelihood of encountering other explorers is slim, offering a peaceful exploration experience. The powerhouse, with its historical significance and secluded charm, is a destination for those seeking to delve into the past, to stand in a place where history whispers through the crumbling concrete and the silent machinery. For explorers seeking the obscure and the abandoned, the Fort Greble Powerhouse on Dutch Island is a journey through time, offering a unique glimpse into a forgotten chapter of military history.


Address: Dutch Island, Jamestown, Rhode Island
Place GPS Coordinates: 41.506083, -71.399111
Parking GPS Coordinates: 41.506083, -71.399111
Parking Notes: The Fort Greble Powerhouse is located on Dutch Island off Jamestown, Rhode Island. The only way to access this abandoned building is by boat. Kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes can be launched from nearby Fort Getty State Park which charges an entrance fee during the summer. After reaching the island, a lot of bushwhacking is required to reach the Fort Greble Powerhouse. It is not an easy structure to reach!

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