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Fort Revere is an amazing abandoned fort in Hull, Massachusetts. It is situated on at the top of Telegraph Hill in Hull Village and contains the remains of two seacoast fortifications, one from the American Revolution and one that served 1898–1947. The fort is completely open for visitors to walk through. It is amazing exploring the old hallways and rooms in Fort Reverse. Some visitors get scared of the eerie silence and extreme darkness that can be experienced in some areas. While walking, visitors can see the remains of beds, fireplaces, gun openings, and more. 

The interior is so much fun to explore and the exterior is well worth checking out. There is a path which allows people to walk on top of the fort and see the epic views of Boston Harbor. Be careful while walking because there are some old vents sticking up out of the ground. Visitors can also look down to see the different gun mount locations.

The fort was officially decommissioned and abandoned in 1947. Over the years, a 8-acre park was established around the fort to make exploring it easier. The park offers great amenities including ample parking, grills, tables, benches, and, of course, scenic views. It is open everyday of the year from sunrise to sunset. Parking at Fort Revere is free.



  • Year Established: 1898
  • Year Abandoned: 1947
  • Original Function: Fort used from the American Revolution through World War II 


  • Address: Farina Road
  • Town: Hull
  • State: Massachusetts
  • GPS: Lat 42.304787 Lng -70.9044362
  • Parking notes: Free parking is available right in front of the fort. There are about a dozen spaces that do fill up quickly on nice days. Try to visit during the off-season to avoid major crowds at the fort.
  • Parking directions: HERE
  • Location directions: HERE

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  1. Julian Malcolm

    The fort was at one point much larger than it is now. Also many of the forts original post buildings and fire control station are hidden among the new homes and are cool to find. In the 1970s two of the gun batteries were buried but their Battery Commanders station and retaining walls can be found in private yards.

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