George Middleton House


In 1786, George Middleton began work on this two-family home at 5 Pinckney Street. The George Middleton House, which was completed in 1787, is the oldest extant home on Beacon Hill. This wood structure is typical of African American homes built in late 18th century Boston. Following the American Revolution, African Americans began to form their own small community in Boston, Massachusetts, known as the North Slope of Beacon Hill, with Middleton being one of the first residents. Middleton worked as a horsebreaker, a violinist, and a coachman. He received widespread acclaim for his achievements and was an outspoken supporter of African American rights.

Middleton was one of 5,000 African Americans who served in the military on the Patriot side of the Revolutionary War, though there is little evidence of his service. Colonel Middleton was the commander of the Bucks of America, a Boston-based Massachusetts militia unit. They are few details about the Bucks too as they were one of only two all-black Patriot units in the war.  Colonel Middleton and his company were recognized after the war by Governor John Hancock, who presented them with a flag to commemorate their service. The flag is still in existence and is the property of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

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  • Address: 5 Pinckney St
  • Town: Boston
  • State: Massachusetts
  • GPS: Lat 42.35892 Lng -71.06532
  • Parking notes: Parking in Beacon Hill is very limited considering the majority of street parking is reserved for Beacon Hill residents. That said, there are several spots along Hancock Street that are free and open to the public everyday from 8am-6pm. These fill up super quickly though. To guarantee parking, it is wise to pay and park in the Boston Common Garage.
  • Parking directions: HERE
  • Location directions: HERE


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