Glen Brook Falls

Sheffield, Massachusetts
Glen Brook Falls is a beautiful waterfall in Sheffield, Massachusetts. The falls drops about 70 feet in two sections.
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Glen Brook Falls is a beautiful waterfall located in Sheffield, Massachusetts. The waterfall can be found along Glen Brook and it is made up of two waterfalls, an upper falls and a lower falls. The upper falls drop 40 feet while the lower falls drop 30 feet. Both feature beautiful displays of cascades. Glen Brook flows strongest during spring when the snow melts and after heavy rainstorms. Although it is best to explore the waterfall in the spring, Glen Brook Falls is a great spot to visit year-round.

Accessing the waterfall is relatively easy. The waterfall is located on land owned and maintained by the Berkshire School. Despite the land being private, respectful public visitors are currently welcome to visit. There is no dedicated parking for the trail to the waterfall, so it is best to park at the large lot by the Athletic Center. From the parking lot, walk to Berkshire Hall and up the street behind the hall. This is where the trailhead for Elbow Trail is located. From the trailhead, the hike to the waterfall is only about 0.3 miles one-way via Elbow Trail. Dogs are currently allowed on the trail, but be sure to have them on a short leash.

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Address: Berkshire School Road, Sheffield, Massachusetts
Place GPS Coordinates: 42.118139, -73.423833
Parking GPS Coordinates: 42.118139, -73.423833
Parking Notes: There is no dedicated parking area for visitors of the waterfall. It is best to park near the athletic fields where there is plenty of parking available.

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