Grafton State Hospital Cemetery Tower

Grafton, Massachusetts
The Grafton State Hospital Cemetery Tower in Grafton, Massachusetts, stands at the center of the institution’s old cemetery.
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The Grafton State Hospital Cemetery Tower in Grafton, Massachusetts, stands as a captivating and eerie testament to the mysterious history surrounding this abandoned structure. Located within the confines of the Grafton insane asylum cemetery, which holds the remains of countless patients who endured troubled times at the hospital, the tower adds an air of intrigue to the haunting landscape.

The cemetery itself is notorious for housing hundreds of unmarked graves, a poignant reminder of the difficult experiences of those who were once confined within the walls of the hospital. The Grafton State Hospital Cemetery Tower, surrounded by the resting places of the institution’s former patients, contributes to the site’s reputation as a paranormal hotspot.

The tower’s origins are shrouded in mystery, with conflicting theories circulating about its construction, purpose, and the entities it may memorialize. One theory suggests that the tower is an Irish Round Tower, erected as a memorial to the Irish individuals interred in the adjacent cemetery. However, official state records propose an alternative narrative, asserting that the tower served as a water tower built in 1903. According to these records, the tower featured a wooden tank atop it, strategically positioned to disperse water across the entire campus.

The conflicting accounts and lack of definitive information about the tower’s purpose have fueled speculation and curiosity among locals. The question of who built the tower, when it was constructed, and why it was built remains unanswered, contributing to the mystique surrounding this intriguing structure.

The Grafton State Hospital Cemetery Tower stands as a silent witness to the complex and often troubled history of mental health care institutions. As the tower gains more exposure and interest, perhaps further research will unveil the secrets hidden within its enigmatic walls, shedding light on a chapter of Grafton’s past that continues to capture the imagination of those who venture into its haunted grounds.


Address: Pine Street, Grafton, Massachusetts
Place GPS Coordinates: 42.251778, -71.685222
Parking GPS Coordinates: 42.251778, -71.685222
Parking Notes: There is one small parking spot available near the entry road to the cemetery. It is located just off Pine Street.

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