Grafton State Hospital Tower


The Grafton State Hospital Tower is an abandoned structure located in Grafton, Massachusetts. It is known as a very haunted location considering it stands in the abandoned Grafton insane asylum cemetery which features many un-marked graves. The history of the tower itself is also a mystery. People are not 100% sure who built the tower, when it was built, and why it was built. That said, there are many theories about the tower. 

Some people believe that the tower is an Irish Round Tower which was built as a memorial to the Irish people who were buried in the adjacent cemetery. But state records say that the tower is actually a water tower that was constructed in 1903. The records state that the tower originally had a wooden tank on the top and its elevation allowed water to spread over the entire campus. Both theories have been questioned by locals throughout the years. Few people actually know about the Grafton State Hospital Tower, so maybe if it gets more exposure, more research will be revealed.

Be sure to also check out the remaining abandoned buildings of the Grafton State Hospital nearby!



  • Year Built: 1903
  • Year Abandoned: 1973
  • Original Function: Water tower for cemetery or maybe a memorial tower


  • Address: Centech Boulevard  
  • Town: Grafton
  • State: Massachusetts
  • GPS: Lat 42.2517778 Lng -71.6852222
  • Parking notes: There is a one-car dirt parking spot at the corner of Centech Blvd and Green St. A dirt road/path leads up to the tower.
  • Parking directions: HERE
  • Location directions: HERE


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