Hancock-Greenfield Covered Bridge

Hancock/Greenfield, New Hampshire
The beautiful Hancock-Greenfield Covered Bridge in New Hampshire is a historic gem that links the picturesque towns of Hancock and Greenfield.
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The Hancock-Greenfield Covered Bridge, nestled at the crossroads of Hancock, New Hampshire, and Greenfield, New Hampshire, is a historic gem that links these two picturesque towns. Stretching elegantly across the Contoocook River, this covered bridge measures 87 feet in length and serves as an essential connector for Forest Road.

The bridge’s history dates back to 1852 when Charles Gray of Hancock erected the first Long truss covered bridge at this very location. Tragically, this original covered bridge met its end during a devastating flood in March 1936, beyond any hope of repair.

In 1937, the present-day Hancock-Greenfield Covered Bridge emerged as a testament to engineering ingenuity. Henry Pratt of Antrim envisioned the bridge, and it was expertly crafted by the Hagan-Thibodeau Construction Company of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, as part of a Federal Emergency Relief Administration project. This new bridge features a modified Pratt truss design, a structure marked by concrete abutments and fortified with steel TECO timber connectors, bolts, and gusset plates. These innovations allowed the bridge to be rated for a twenty-ton carrying capacity, making it a pioneering example of applying modern engineering principles to wooden covered bridges.

The Hancock-Greenfield Covered Bridge received further enhancements in September 1981 when asphalt shingles were replaced with hardwood shingles at a cost of $77,000, preserving its timeless charm.

The bridge’s historic significance is underscored by its listing on the National Register of Historic Places since May 5, 1981, with the reference number 81000071, a distinction that recognizes its cultural and architectural value. This recognition is a testament to the bridge’s enduring importance in local history and heritage.

For those eager to experience the Hancock-Greenfield Covered Bridge firsthand or capture its picturesque beauty through the lens, ample parking is available at the nearby Powdermill Pond Parking Lot, conveniently located just off Forest Road. Whether you’re crossing its timeworn planks or simply admiring its enduring allure, this covered bridge stands as a cherished symbol of New Hampshire’s rich heritage.


Address: Forest Road, Hancock, New Hampshire
Place GPS Coordinates: 42.956742, -71.934902
Parking GPS Coordinates: 42.956742, -71.934902
Parking Notes: There is a large dirt parking lot located right near the covered bridge off Forest Road. The parking lot primarily serves visitors for Powder Mill Pond, but it is great for covered bridge visitors too! Parking is free. Additionally, you can park along Forest Road in front of the bridge.

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