Houston Brook Falls

Pleasant Ridge, Maine
The 35-foot Houston Brook Falls, nestled in Pleasant Ridge, Maine, is one of the state’s best waterfalls and a hidden gem worth discovering.
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Houston Brook Falls, nestled in the town of Pleasant Ridge, Maine, within Somerset County, is a hidden gem worth discovering. Despite its location in a town with fewer than 100 residents, this waterfall, fed by the robust Houston Brook, stands out as a captivating natural beauty in the New England landscape.

With a mesmerizing 35-foot drop, Houston Brook Falls showcases a picturesque combination of horsetails and plunges. The waterfall’s flow is most robust during the spring, fueled by the melting snow and heavy rainstorms. While spring is ideal for witnessing the waterfall at its peak, Houston Brook Falls is a year-round attraction, offering its scenic wonders in every season.

Access to the waterfall is facilitated by a dedicated parking area along Pleasant Ridge Road, conveniently situated in front of the Pleasant Ridge Transfer Station. This free parking space accommodates around six cars, providing easy entry to the Houston Brook Falls trailhead. The trail spans a manageable 0.5 miles out and back, offering a pleasant journey to encounter the waterfall. Well-maintained and suitable for families, the trail also welcomes dogs to partake in the adventure.

The terrain surrounding Houston Brook Falls is wild and rugged, adorned with jagged rocks that add to the falls’ natural allure. While there are shallow swimming spots, particularly the rectangular channel just below the falls, caution is advised, especially during periods of high water flow when the mist may make the rocks slippery and dangerous. Responsible exploration and a mindful approach to safety are essential.

It’s crucial to note that Houston Brook Falls is situated on private property owned by Warren Northeast Timberlands. While public access is currently permitted, visitors must be respectful and responsible. Leave-no-trace principles are vital, emphasizing the importance of carrying out all items brought to the area and ensuring the removal of any litter. Respecting the property owner’s rights is key to maintaining public access to this beautiful waterfall.


Address: Pleasant Ridge Road, Pleasant Ridge, Maine
Place GPS Coordinates: 45.070806, -69.940028
Parking GPS Coordinates: 45.070806, -69.940028
Parking Notes: Roadside parking for the waterfall trailhead can be found on Pleasant Ridge Road in front of the Pleasant Ridge Transfer Station. Parking is free and there is room for about 6 cars.

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Parking Location:


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